How to Make Sure That Your Young Kids do Not Lose Their Things at School

How to Make Sure That Your Young Kids do Not Lose Their Things at School

Do you find yourself constantly losing things you buy for your kids to take to school? Perhaps these are clothing items like gloves, hats and even shirts, or maybe common school items like notebooks, pens or markers. I don’t have to tell you that the cost of these things can add up, not to mention the inconvenient of having to go and find these items again once they are gone

Well the reasons behind the missing items can be numerous. Perhaps your kid is forgetful. Maybe other kids at school have the exact same items and they get mixed up in class. Or maybe some kids are taking your child’s belongings for one reason or another on purpose. Whatever the case, it can be frustration and costly in order to avoid this from happening. Here are few really good ideas you can implement to ensure your kids get their belongings back home from school..

Use Stick On and Iron On Labels

Perhaps the best way to keep track of your kid’s supplies and clothing at school is to use labels on all of the items. You can select a wide variety of labels from that can either be stuck on to items or ironed on. For items like pens and notebooks, a sticker is perfect. These labels are long-lasting and will not damage the items they adhere to. For clothing you can select iron on stickers that will last the entire lifetime of the garment. You can place these on hats, gloves, jackets and gym clothing allowing your child to easily identify their clothes, even if they get mixed into a large group of kid’s clothes.Labeling their belongings will help your kids get them back home.

Set Rewards

Another great way to make sure that you r kids will bring their things home with them is to provide rewards for them when they do. Putting labels on their items is certainly a great idea, especially when your kids are younger or forgetful, but rewarding them will create an additional incentive for them to bring their things home. Do not give them large gifts, instead provide something small but meaningful. Once you stimulate their thinking that bringing home their items every day is a good thing, they will do it automatically and you can use the gifts as simple reinforcement.

If you combine both of these approaches, you are sure to get your kids belongings back home with them, every time they arrive from school.