Vernox Stainless Steel Tablemats: the Top Choice from Chefs

Vernox Stainless Steel Tablemats: the Top Choice from Chefs

If you’re into cooking, you know how important it is for everything to be perfect, from preparing ingredients to the serving experience itself. After all, the tables we place our food on are an especially precious place.

When we serve food, everything from the cutlery to the tablecloth and dishes all need to find their own harmony.

The first thing any guest at your dinner table will encounter is the tablemats, making them arguably the most important aspect of your table. But recently, a very new kind of stainless steel tablemat has been generating quite the buzz.

Vernox’s new stainless steel tablemats come in two colors: gold and silver. The luxurious design of these tablemats really stood out to us.

The biggest difference between the Vernox tablemats and conventional tablemats is the material.

Vernox’s tablemat are made of stainless steel, which is exceptionally resistant to heat and dents. That means you can put a hot pot or dish on top of these tablemats without issue.

When we use silicone or fabric tablemats, there are embarrassing moments where the tablemat slides away if we serve food on them.

But the metallic Vernox tablemats don’t create such problems. They’ll stay put no matter what you put on top of them.

The best thing about the stainless steel is how much easier it is to clean. Just rinse in water, and your tablemats are as good as new.

Though the Vernox tablemats are metallic, their special coating (PVD+NCC) lets you use them as a serving tray, or as your very own plate if you’d like.

This special coating technology is helpful for warding off mold and bacteria, which makes these tablemats more hygienic and practical than other tablemats made of PVC or silicone.

The Vernox marketing team told us, “All of the great features come from over 30 years of combined research into stainless steel. Anyone who enjoys cooking will have a wonderful experience with the Vernox tablemats.”

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