Traveling Checklist For The First Trip With Your Kid

Traveling Checklist For The First Trip With Your Kid

Traveling with kids can be tough. Most people dread the thought of a trip with children in tow. Of course, they can hardly be blamed. At times, it even feels as if you are carrying the whole house in your bags. The list of necessities that are needed when traveling with kids can get long. However, it does not necessarily need to be a major struggle. The key to a smooth trip is to take all the essentials. Here’s a comprehensive checklist for all those new parents who are going on a trip with their kids for the first time.

Essentials to pack in carry-on bags

Depending on your medium of travel, you may face some restrictions on the things you can take with you in a carry bag. Flights often have certain set limits, while going by your vehicle is more flexible. If you are wondering what you should pack in your carry bag, here’s a list to help you out.

Diapers: Take several packets to last a while in case of emergency if you are traveling with a baby.

Wipes: Kids make a mess, you are going to need a lot of them.

Diaper cream: To go along with the diaper in case of a change.

Baby blankets: To use as a burp cloth or to cover up in case of breastfeeding.

Food: Kids tend to get hungry during travel. Plus you might need to make some extra preparation if you have a baby.

Large resealable bags: Just in case your kids spoil their or your clothes.

Essentials to pack in the suitcase

Kids need a lot of stuff when it comes to traveling. Kiss goodbye to your light suitcase and get packing heavy.

First aid kit: Pack all basic medications, bandages, gauzes, antibiotic ointments, or anything else you might need.

Travel appropriate clothes: Both for you and your kids. A change of cloth is essential if you are going on a trip no matter how short. Pack a lot of clothes for your kids and as required for yourself. It is advised to do a travel shopping from children’s boutique, get travel comfy clothes. You can also get a small travel bag just to carry your child’s essentials.

Toys and books: To keep the kids occupied when traveling.

Cosmetics: You are going to need to pack some lotions, sunscreens, and body wash.

Portable cooler: Only if the temperature is high.

Baby food: You can always buy more at your destination but always pack some.

Infant utensils: Small children might need some extra help with eating food. Your destination might not have all the facilities needed. Be prudent and pack your utensils.


Remember that a trip is supposed to be a time for enjoyment. Packing can be the bane of existence for most first-time travellers. Especially if it’s your first time with the kids. But just because you are with the kids, doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your days of fun. All it means is that you’ve simply got to differentiate between your needs and your wants and pack accordingly.