Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year That Will Show How Much You Care

Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year That Will Show How Much You Care

Don’t let anybody tell you that the institution of marriage is under threat. Around 2.25 million people marry in the United States every year and the trend is upwards. Marriage still seems to be something people want to celebrate.[/caption]

Every anniversary matters. It’s another year the relationship has proven how strong it is. Read on to learn which are the best anniversary gifts by year.

Anniversary Gifts by Year

There are traditional anniversary gifts for every year of marriage. The tradition associates specific materials with the year of marriage. They start simple towards the start of your marriage and gain in value as the years go by.

The relationship between the gift and the year may seem a little tenuous but the principle is clear. As the personal investment in each other grows with each passing year, so the financial investment in the gift tends to increase too.

There is a material for each year but let’s just focus on some significant milestones. Also, rather than just note the material that the tradition suggests, it might be more interesting to explore some modern and innovative ways of honoring the tradition.

Year 1 Paper

After a year of marriage, you are still in the early stages of developing your relationship. It may still be delicate, like the tender shoots of a young plant. Full of potential but still needing nurturing.

Paper is an appropriate gift as it is something that is somewhat fragile. It has to be taken care of and handled appropriately if it is not to be damaged.

How do you give the gift of paper? It might seem an unworthy gift.

Paper can be an excellent wrapping for a special first-anniversary gift such as a piece of jewelry. The finest of tissue paper might be a way of respecting the tradition while the jewelry it encloses delights the receiver.

Year 2 Cotton

Paper gives way to woven cloth on the second anniversary. Again, it’s still early days but the marriage is getting more mature and hopefully more robust.

Stretch the definition of cotton to include fine fabrics and it would seem reasonable to include a dress or suit in the range of gift options.

Year 5 Wood

A wooden gift celebrates the 5-year mark for your marriage. The marriage is established and the gift more substantial. But how can wood be a suitable 5-year anniversary gift?

A watch made of wood is an interesting and innovative way of meeting the tradition. It can also have environmental credibility and make a positive statement about a long-term sustainable marriage and planet. Better still, plant a tree in honor of the anniversary.

Year 10 Tin

Tin or aluminum is the traditional material for 10-year anniversaries. It’s tough and won’t corrode just as a 10-year marriage achievement suggests.

Some latitude might be appropriate after 10-years of marriage. A mature relationship is based on some give and take, after all. Learn more about silver-colored metals, set with diamonds.

Year 25 Silver

The precious metal, silver, is the traditional 25-year anniversary gift. Earrings, a silver bracelet or a watch all make very attractive gifts.

Year 50 Gold

Gold is the appropriate gift after 50-years of marriage. Rings, watches or a gold locket might hit the mark.

Year 60 Diamond

A diamond is almost always a welcome gift. It seems a shame to wait until after 60-years of marriage to give the gift of a diamond. Nevertheless, an indestructible diamond is very suitable to celebrate an enduring marriage.

Gifting Ideas

Traditions can inspire anniversary gifts by year but be creative. Making your own unique twist on tradition personalizes the gift. That makes it so much more special.

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