Tips For Finding Jeans That Flatter Your Curves

Tips For Finding Jeans That Flatter Your Curves

Denim jeans are the most versatile, curve-flattering, and body-shaping clothing item known to womankind. From the moment of inception, jeans were lauded as a symbol of female independence from caging corsets and voluminous skirts. They were welcomed by women worldwide as a shapely and flattering substitute for mobility-restricting apparel. 

Denim jeans have a bold and sleek liberating appeal that gives our outfits a carefree and chic vibe. And yet, many women feel caged by the societal norms and unrealistic beauty standards around fitted jeans. If you feel conscious and unconfident while flaunting denim jeans, chances are you’re unfamiliar with your sizing and fit requirements. 

Most of our styling conundrums and clothing issues stem from our inability to find styles that flatter our forms. Keep reading to explore tips to help you find curve-flattering jeans and transform your styling game with body awareness. 

Understanding your Body Shape 

All women are uniquely formed and shaped, with different curves. However, we all share the same female body silhouettes that help us understand which garments flatter our curvature. The five basic female body shapes include apple, pear, hourglass, athletic, and rectangle. Let’s look at the fits and styles that flatter each body type. 


Women with apple and round body shapes often shy away from flaunting jeans because of the curves around the midriff. Ladies, you can put these fears to rest with high-waist denim jeans to tuck in that gently-protruding muffin top. 

Suppose you’re a plus-size goddess who’s always told to steer clear of denim jeans to appear leaner. In that case, you should consider investing in plus size wide leg cropped jeans to flatter your curves with an accentuated appeal. Your plus-size-friendly jeans will also give you the confidence to sever ties with people who give you toxic body-shaming advice. 

The market is brimming with plus-size labels that help apple-shaped women find garments that inspire confidence and maximize comfort. Finding the right fit is crucial to wear any garment, be it denim jeans or a bodycon dress. 


Pear and triangular body shapes are curvy around the thighs and hip with a sleek upper body and waist. Finding the right jeans for pear-shaped bodies demands a fit that will balance your proportions and hug your waist. Take styling cues from Beyonce and hoard up on bootcut jeans with wide flares, long inseams, and higher rises.


The hourglass woman is a sensually curvy goddess who can get away with flaunting anything and everything with glamorous aplomb. But when it comes to denim jeans, she needs to exercise caution and focus on balancing her proportions. As a rule of thumb, you need to focus on balancing the 50/50 hip-to-bust ratio to highlight your slim waist. 

We recommend hourglass women to stock up on skinny jeans as they are perfect for flaunting your curvaceous legs. It’s wise to shop skinny high-rise jeans to give your slim waist a sleeker appeal that pronounces your curvature. We strongly advise steering clear of bootcut jeans as they will overwhelm your petite waist and hide your curves. 


The rectangle is the ultimate supermodel body shape that envious of the women walking up and down the ramps. This body shape is characterized by extra height, straight hips, slim waist, and legs for days. While this body shape defines aesthetic perfection in the fashion world, rectangle-shaped women struggle to find feminine and flattering jeans. 

If you want a smart and flattering statement, we advise buying jeans with inseams to flaunt a sleek appeal. Consider shopping for cropped and cuffed skinny jeans to give your curves more depth and create the illusion of height reduction. High-rise skinny jeans are the ultimate style saviors to ravish and accentuate the rectangle body form. 

You can also flaunt slim-fitting boyfriend and mom jeans to elevate your everyday outfits with a comfy chic appeal. 


The athletic body is muscular, sleek and physically fit with square-shaped proportions. For an athletic body, it’s wise to flaunt thick and stretchy denim fabrics to highlight your slim thighs and hip. Steer clear from baggy and slouchy jeans, and embrace tight-fitted wide-leg jeans to flatter your form. 

 You can also experiment with boyfriend jeans with straight-hip tailoring to highlight your square-shaped hips and thighs. 

Pay Attention to the Tailoring 

Once you’ve determined the right fit and styles for your body shape, it’s time to pay attention to tailoring. You need a pair that will hug your hips and legs without causing discomfort around the waist. But jeans that hang loosely will ruin the entire appeal of the garment around your legs and butt. The balance between comfort and tight-fitted appeal is a very thin line that demands close attention to detail. 

Stretchy denim jeans are a great choice to find the perfect waist gap and fit, and we advise exploring high-rise styles. 

Final Thoughts 

The journey of buying the perfect curve-flattering jeans begins with understanding your body shape and ends with understanding tailoring requirements. The fit refers to the style that will bring out the best in your body shape and ensure comfort. Examining the tailoring involves exploring fabrics, seams, and stitching to get the right amount of stretch or high-rise. Shopping for jeans becomes easier once you understand your body and its curve-glamming requirements.