Tips for Building Your Lover’s Anticipation Before the Honeymoon

Tips for Building Your Lover’s Anticipation Before the Honeymoon

If you’re getting married soon, it’s likely that you’re looking forward to the honeymoon. That includes people who are waiting for marriage and people who have already been intimate before. Regardless of how often you’ve been intimate with your partner before this, it’s true that it’s still an exciting event. If you want to make it even more exciting, you might want to intentionally build up your lover’s anticipation. Here are the best ways to do that.

Know What You Like

You shouldn’t just be a passive participant in sex. It’s better on all sides if you’re an active participant who knows what to do to feel good. Even if you’re more submissive and don’t mind handing the reins over to your partner, it’s important that you know that much at least. It’ll make the entire event go a little more smoothly.

Discovering this can take a variety of forms. You might want to watch some videos and see what makes you really excited. You can also read erotic stories or even just look at lists of kinks and preferences online. No matter how you do it, know at least a bit of what you want going into it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Some Research

The honeymoon should be all about pleasure on both sides. Especially if you’ve never been intimate with someone before, you might want to do a bit of research when it comes to the best ways to pleasure your partner. It’s sure to excite them when you know a little bit more about exactly what to do.

It’s true: there’s a bit of excitement associated with just doing whatever comes natural and trying things out as they come to you. However, looking up articles and even videos that give you an idea of what to do can not only be thrilling during the build-up, but it can also make the first night even more exciting.

Let Your Partner Know You’re Preparing

This is a great way to build up excitement. If your partner knows you’re intentionally getting ready to make the wedding night even more special, your partner is going to be even more excited about the whole thing. That’s a great way to build excitement on both sides.

You can even drop hints about what you’re doing to prepare if you want to lead your partner on even a little bit more. For example, let your partner know that you placed an order at HUSTLER® Hollywood, but leave it at that. You’ll drive your partner crazy wondering what exactly you purchased and how it’ll fit into your night.

Purchase Some Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is a great option if you’re interested in really making a statement. It’s typically white to parallel your dress, and it may have certain bridal flair, like lace and pearls. However, one thing it has in common with all other lingerie is that it’s still super sexy.

When you purchase bridal lingerie, you’re typically only going to use it on your honeymoon. That can actually be great, because it can give you the go-ahead to get as rough as you want with it, should you discover that you love rough play.

Have Some Couples’ Toys Available

Couples’ toys are a great way to make things go even more smoothly. Because they’re built with couples in mind, they’re the perfect addition to the wedding night. Plus, just having them on hand doesn’t mean you have to use them. It just offers an option if you want to.

These toys can be super helpful if you know one of you has problems with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other sexual issues. It can make foreplay easier and enhance both partners’ pleasure during either’s refractory period if the other partner is still interested in continuing.

Let Things Go How They Will

One thing to remember about the honeymoon is that it’ll be when you first start figuring out how you work together as a couple. Especially if you’ve never been intimate before, you’re going to stumble over some of the details. Just let it happen and go with the flow, and you’ll be much happier.