Three of the Best Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

Three of the Best Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

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If you’ve been eyeing the city of Minneapolis as a place to lay down roots and buy a home, then there is no better time than now to start your search.  The city has a dynamic culture, a stunning riverfront skyline, exciting festivals and events throughout the year, dining opportunities galore and a sense of nature no matter where you are thanks to the fact it is surrounded by 13 lakes, a waterfall and the famous Mississippi River. With that said, there are some standout neighborhoods that are well worth checking out, as you will discover.

Linden Hills

When it comes to well-established and scenic neighborhoods, it’s hard to beat what Linden Hills offers. This area is known for its lovely mature tree lined streets and beautiful rolling hills. Linden Hills can be found in the southeast part of Minneapolis, which means it’s a quick 20 minute commute to the downtown core. Also, it’s just 25 minutes away from the world-famous Mall of America and the airport.

The majority of homes in the neighborhood are owned, while just 30% are rented. As for what kind of home you’ll find here, there is a mix of craftsman style and bungalows. Keep in mind the average age of homes in Linden Hills is 80 years, which means many of them have been updated and remodeled by now while still retaining that history charm. A.D. Hays Group has put together an in-depth Linden Hills, Minneapolis: Neighborhood Overview and Introduction that is perfect for those who are considering the area.

Lowry Hill

Lowry Hill is another very popular neighborhood in the city of Minneapolis. This area is located in the southwest and is known for offering more budget-friendly options. This makes it a great choice for young families, those recent college graduates, and those who are looking for a lot of bang for their buck. The area features a robust arts scene as well many dining options and because it’s close to a number of lakes, it’s also incredibly picturesque.

St. Anthony Parkway

Here’s an example of a neighborhood that is seen as more of an “up-and-coming” place to live. The area is interesting in that you get a really neat mix of the original old architecture with all kinds of pops of modern and even industrial architecture thrown in. The end result is a real quirky vibe that makes for a unique place to live. This area is home to a large number of art studios and galleries, which makes it a popular place for budding artists to live. It’s also popular with young families.

A Small Look

As you can see, this is just a small glimpse of what Minneapolis has to offer in terms of great neighborhoods.