The Top 5 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Cambodia

The Top 5 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Cambodia

Planning a trip to Southeast Asia?

You might have a solid itinerary, but if you discover a few empty days on your schedule, Cambodia has a lot to offer!

If you choose to head in the direction of Cambodia, but don’t know what to visit to make the most of your trip, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are the five most amazing places to visit in Cambodia!

1. Angkor Wat

It wouldn’t be a complete Cambodian experience without visiting the temple city of Angkor Wat. Angkor served as the capital of the Khmer Empire, making it one of the most noteworthy archaeological sites in Southeast Asia.

Angkor Wat is home of the world’s largest religious monument, while offering a detailed look into Khmer history. The temple is famous for its beauty if you’re lucky enough to visit it at sunrise.

2. Phnom Penh

If you want a glimpse into Cambodia’s city life, its thriving capital is the place to visit! Cambodia’s capital since the French colonial days, Phnom Penh is home to several historical sites and market places.

From the National Museum containing genuine Khmer artifacts to the Royal Palace to cafés and restaurants, you could spend a few days here and still have more to see!

3. Koh Rong Samloem

If you’re in a beachy mood, this island off of Cambodia’s south coast has all the perks of the ocean with the added bonus of privacy. This island is quieter than its neighbors, and its secluded white sand beaches are perfect for relaxing.

Small resorts and hostels dot the island and there are even places that offer scuba diving!

4. Kirirom National Park

If you want to vacation in the mountains or relax the forest, Kirirom National Park is a must-see! Only a two-hour drive Phnom Penh, this Cambodia destination has plenty to do for an athletic adventurer! You can swim underneath waterfalls, hike through the pine forests, or ride bikes along beautiful trails.

If you need a place to stay or are curious about things to do in the area, check out the world roamer website to book hotel rooms or attraction tickets!

5. Kampot

This tourist destination offers a look into life in Cambodia’s laid-back countryside. A stark contrast to the cities, you’ll find the roads easy to navigate and the people taking their time.

You can rent a kayak or paddle board and explore the Kampot River or check out a local yoga or cooking class. Street vendors offer a wide array of local and worldwide cuisine. You’ll be well-rested after this leg of your trip!

The Best Places to Visit in Cambodia

You can plan your trip, now that you know some of the most popular places to visit in Cambodia. You’re sure to have a more fulfilling Cambodia experience if you check a few of these destinations off the list, so plan to see a few of them!

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