The 4 Best Ways to Wear Camouflage This Winter

The 4 Best Ways to Wear Camouflage This Winter

Temperatures are dipping but the hottest camo designs are ready to take center stage this wintertime.  Camouflage tops, camo accessories, and camo leggings are everywhere but this year, it’s a different story.

Women are wearing camo outfits and accessories all over town, whether it’s for a casual stroll or a chic night out. No longer are winter camo designs limited to heavy jackets and bulky pants. You can now buy all kinds of camouflage-inspired clothing and accessories on this website to stand out this winter season. Find out how to steal the spotlight with camouflage with our handy winter fashion guide. 

Top 4 Ways to Wear Camo This Winter Season

Just like other camo attire, camo leggings are great for casual wear, perfect for all seasons. LA-based brand Sanctuary reports camo leggings pair with a wide variety of garments and accessories, and are a hot seller. You can wear these casually or as dressy as you want. And aside from leggings, camo designs are in jackets, tops, shirts, scarves, and other accessories. Here’s a guide on how to wear these this season.

Jackets and Camo Pants and Leggings

Camo leggings and pants will be a staple this winter season. Because most camo clothing is made from thick fabrics, you can wear these to keep you snug as a bug during chilly days and nights. But camo pants and leggings shine best when worn with solid color tops and jackets or better yet, wear shirts in plain white.

You can choose from plain tops, blouses, tees, and cropped tops to match camouflage leggings and pants. Just about any kind of jacket will match camo pants but it’s a good idea to keep things simple with plain colors. You’ll see a lot of chic ensembles with camo leggings together with leather jackets, moto jackets, and bomber jackets.

Camo pants styles vary and the most popular will always be those with large, accessible pockets along the sides. Meanwhile, some camo pants have pull-string cuffs to keep the cold out and preserve body heat. This style is not just functional but is also fashionable as it works great in accenting your long legs. Choose from high heel boots or booties to keep your feet extra warm.

Denim Pants and Camo Jackets

Denim looks great on everything. It’s casual and very durable and is the second-best thing to using camo pants and leggings this winter. Denim pants work perfectly with all kinds of wardrobe especially when you pair them with a camo jacket.

Now jackets come in many shapes and styles. And would you believe that there’s a camouflage version of each one? There are camo capes, parkas, wraps, trench coats, varsity jackets, and bomber jackets to name a few. For casual wear, camo hoodies, vests, flight jackets, and motorcycle jackets in various camo designs and patterns are also available.  

To wear denim with a camo jacket, select body-hugging styles like straight, slim, skinny, and boot-cut jeans. Some prefer to wear distressed jeans but this style is not recommended this season for obvious reasons. Also, choosing the right denim color is necessary especially when you plan to wear striking camo designs like the Flecktarn or CADPAT colors and designs. Just a few of the top denim colors to check out this season are raw denim, vintage denim, Selvedge denim, and poly denim colors.

Stay Chic, Stay In Style With Camo Accessories

This season welcomes a wide variety of camo accessories perfect for casual and classy outings. The most popular has to be hats in various camouflage designs. Beanie hats, caps, bucket hats, skull caps, helmets, cowboy hats, trapper hats, and Breton hats in camouflage designs are everywhere. These hats are not just trendy but are also functional as they keep your head warm and protected during the cold months.

Another top wintertime accessory made trendy with camo prints is the scarf. You’ll find knitted camo scarves in various colors while there are flowy, wispy scarves with camo designs. Also, winter clothing won’t be complete without comfy and durable winter boots, in camo style of course! Choose from top winter styles like insulated boots, combat boots, timberland boots, desert boots, and steel-toe boots to name a few.

A lot of cool camo accessories will complete your wintertime look. How about camo tote bags or clutch? A wide camo belt or some shimmery bling is great to keep you in style. Other accessories to bring out that camo styles are camo watches, socks, and many more.

Wear Camo Night or Day

There’s no rule when to wear camo designs. You can wear these during the morning time for casual walks, commutes, and trips. Camouflage jackets, leggings, pants, and shirts will keep you warm and comfortable as you go about your day.

Meanwhile, camo clothing also works as nighttime fashion. Wear your favorite camo print on leggings or pants and match this with a simple plain shirt and a leather moto jacket for a cozy night out. You may wear camo wintertime accessories like scarves, gloves, boots, and bags while on a nighttime stroll.

Good grooming and healthy habits can help you shine this wintertime. Reduce stress, commit to a healthy skincare routine, wellness routine, and more.

Final Words

Anyone can wear camo prints. If you’re in doubt if this style suits you, start by experimenting with small articles of clothing and fashion. Start with camouflage accessories like scarves and hats and then work your way into wearing shirts and tees.

Wintertime is the best time to wear camouflage prints and there are no hard or fast rules on how to wear them. Just remember to keep your wardrobe simple, seamless, and cool. With the tips we mentioned, you’ll surely stand out in camo no matter where you are.