Standing Out: 5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Standing Out: 5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Men and women tend to judge others within seconds of meeting them. For this reason, every person needs to make a good first impression when meeting someone new. How does a person do this? Take advantage of the following tips to ensure you are presenting the right image at all times. 

Your Outfit

Every morning when getting dressed, men and women need to think about what their choices will say to others. This extends beyond the clothing selected to the accessories, the grooming, and more. If there is any question about your choices and what they say to others, ask a good friend to weigh in. This person should be honest about everything from your hair and makeup to your shirt and shoes. They can be of great help in finding outfits that present the desired image while still staying true to your personal style.

To learn more about various clothing options and how to choose, visit a retail website and consider the clothing offered. What would you think about someone wearing these items? They may think the same about you when you put them on. 


Be positive and friendly when meeting others. This can be difficult, especially after a bad day, but a negative attitude or depression can easily be picked up on by other people. As a result, they may believe this is the person’s normal state and work to avoid the individual in the future. It’s best to avoid going out when you are having a bad day so others don’t get the wrong impression. If this is impossible, find a way to improve your mood before meeting others to present a better image. 

Body Language

Actions speak louder than words, but people often seem to forget this basic fact. It doesn’t matter what your words are saying if your body language directly contradicts your speech. For example, when you try to act interested in what someone else is saying, but your feet are pointing away from them and toward the door, this is a sign you want to escape the conversation. Others may pick up on this and believe you are a fake. Pay attention to things such as this so you don’t turn others off unintentionally. 

Show Respect

When being introduced to someone new, show them respect. Although this interaction may go no further than the introduction, it leaves the other party with a positive first impression. Don’t look around the room when meeting them, but pay attention to their name and make small talk. They deserve this, even if you have no desire to get to know them better. Rude and insensitive people turn others off, so make sure you don’t fall into this category. 

Think About the Other Person

It’s not all about you. Regardless of whether we wish this would be the case, we have to coexist with others. Make certain you pay attention to other people rather than constantly turning the attention back to you. When the focus is on one person, everyone else taking part in the interaction feels bad about themselves. Don’t let this happen, as the first impression you make should be a good one. 

Keep the above in mind when meeting someone new. When you do so, you’ll find others form a good first impression of you. Although there are some people who you will never please, most will respond positively to you when you plan your day properly.

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