Signs of Aging Worth Fighting

Signs of Aging Worth Fighting

Are you displaying Signs of Aging? You might be able to do something about it...

It happens. Everyone ages. Some do it a little better than others, but undeniable signs of aging happen to the best of us. Most women have had that moment of looking in the mirror, you know those mornings, no make up, messy hair, and old t-shirt, and after that stunned, shocking moment, we think “What happened? Who is that woman? Where did I go?” But we can grow old gracefully, and relish in the middle years, even the older ones. And with medical technology and some advanced health and beauty care, no one needs to know your true age.

Hair Loss

As women age, hair tends to thin. Unfortunately, this is also one of the signs of menopause. With the change in hormone levels, hair becomes thinner. Those once full, gorgeous locks are thinning, and you wonder if there’s anything you can do. The good news is that there is something to do about this. Products like iGrow Laser are made just for this issue. This is a product that incorporates laser therapy to help your hair rejuvenate and grow fuller. It’s done through therapy in your own home using low pulsing light to help with not only hair loss, but also carpal tunnel syndrome and acne. With so many expensive products and services on the market that may or may not work, this is a low cost, fast acting and safe method you can do in your own home.

Hair Color

Along with hair thinning, many women see their hair losing the vibrant color it once had. Sure, your friends may say they don’t notice any gray, but it’s all you see when you look in the mirror. Luckily, you have many methods to choose from when it comes to coloring your hair.

  • Salon color – Visiting a professional colorist is a sure way to cover your gray and get the color you want. You can go for an all over color to match your own, add in some highlights and/or low lights, or change your color all together. Yes, this is going to cost more than an at home method, but salon color may be more gentle to your hair as well as longer lasting.

  • Online color – If you are up to doing color yourself, there are some good products on the Internet. Some of these sites let you chat with a consultant and send in a photo to get the best match for your current color. Madison Reed is one of these colorists that have healthy ingredients and great customer service. You can also buy other hair products this way to help your hair feel more luxurious.

  • Over the counter color – This is going to be your most cost effective type of hair color. If you are good with putting color on yourself, give it a try. It’s a good idea to go for all over color, as sometimes it’s hard to match your current color. This is a good fast, affordable fix to get rid of your grays and feel more youthful.

Fine Lines

Sure, some may call them smile lines, but when you have them, you usually see them as wrinkles. You know, those little lines around your eyes and the creases around your mouth. No woman wants these. So what can you do?

  • You’ve probably heard mixed thoughts on Botox, but the bottom line is it can help with wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. Yes, there are some side effects like minor pain or bruising and it can be costly, but it works. Make sure you use a reputable provider if you decide to go this route.

  • Some women would rather try products, like creams and lotions rather than Botox. You can find some good products on the market to help combat your fine lines. It’s easy to get a counter full of lotions and creams that don’t work, so do a little research before spending money on these. And once you decide and purchase, use them as directed.

Everyone ages, but some do it a little more gracefully than others. You can be one of the graceful ones, too, and no one needs to know your secrets! Embrace your age, but you don’t have to embrace the thinning hair, the gray strands or the fine lines.

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