Should You Rent Furniture For Your Next Party?

Should You Rent Furniture For Your Next Party?


If you’re in the midst of planning your next big party, event or wedding, you may find yourself wondering how you’re going to design your location so that your guests are left in a state of awe. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using party furniture rentals. Now we’re not talking your standard, run of the mill furniture, we’re instead talking about classic vintage rentals. These types of rentals not only stand out in their own right, but add an elegant atmosphere to the entire event, whether hosted inside or outside.

But is it really worth it to spend money to rent furniture pieces? Or is it a better idea to just borrow from friends or family?

Finding the best pieces for your wedding

If you’re looking for tables and chairs for rent for your wedding, or that of a friend, then renting truly is your best option. This is because though you could technically borrow from kind family members and friends, you won’t be able to gather enough of the same, or at least similar, pieces to fill up your venue. This then means that you’ll be looking at a wide variety of pieces that can easily make a wedding look tacky and ill designed. Unfortunately, even if the rest of the wedding and ceremony are perfect, your guests will remember their seating.

Making your event stand out

If you’re hosting a graduation party or a welcome home event, then you’re most likely going to have more people over than your furniture can seat. You’re also most likely to want to jazz up your place, as it’s not normally such a hot spot. To do this, you can always go to the store and buy tons of party favors to throw around your backyard and living room, or you can invest that money instead in few key furniture pieces. Great choices include benches and chairs. Farm benches will not only allow for more people to sit all at once, but will help to give your backyard a nice ‘put together’ look that is sure to impress.

Creating your best themed event

If you like to have parties with a theme, then rentals are a fantastic way to go. This is because you can create a royal theme, a farm theme and a country cottage theme all at once! To do this, you’ll want to rents benches, chairs and tables that offer a rustic, yet classic look. These pair great with hanging lights that you can drape through your mature backyard trees.

Though rentals may be a bit more expensive than just going to your local store and picking up a few patio chairs that you then throw into your garage to never be seen again, choosing a rental theme is much more likely to get you the party or event you’ve always wanted. Remember, if you’re a party planner, a great design scheme can either make or break your reputation, making it even more important to rent vs. buying cheap pieces.