Moving To A New Country: 12 Things You’ll Need

Moving To A New Country: 12 Things You’ll Need

Moving to a new country can be an exciting process. Preparation, research and organization are critical to ensure the move goes smoothly. Plan the steps to take. Know the things you need and a timeline to stick to.  

Ensure everything is in order before you travel to your new home. Tie up all loose ends and leave a forwarding address for mail and contact details for loved ones.  


Start planning early to make the move easier. List the steps you need to take and when they need to be completed. Make a timeline and stick to it. Give yourself at least six months. Research your destination country to ensure you’ll have everything you need.  


Choose your destination and start researching specific areas you could move to. Research the cost of moving to your destination and the cost of living there. Choose a location with all the amenities and facilities you need.  


Look for temporary housing for the initial weeks in your new country. When you arrive, start looking for long term accommodation. Learn about the area you’ve selected and explore to find out if the location is a good fit. Research before the move to find out the cost of different types of accommodation.  


Look for a suitable job before you begin the moving process. Ensure that your job offer is confirmed and look for backup options in case it falls through. Check visa requirements to ensure the job you take fulfills them.  


Check the local requirements to access healthcare. Take out insurance before you leave. Look for employment opportunities that include healthcare as a benefit.  


Find a lawyer in your destination country to help with the immigration paperwork and visa. Choose someone with experience working with people in your situation and a good track record. Find out what to look for by checking out the expert Texas lawyers at


Bring all critical documents, including your passport, birth certificate, educational and professional certification, and visa. Bring carry-on luggage to ensure documents don’t get lost.  


Find out if you need immunizations for your destination country and when these should be taken. Keep your immunization records with the rest of your essential documentation.  


Find a reputable international moving company you can trust with valuable or breakable belongings. Consider hiring packers to make the process easier. Shop around to get the best deal and look at reviews to find quality movers.  

Bank Account 

Open a bank account as soon as you arrive at your destination. Find out if you can open one before your arrival or if your current bank has branches in your destination.  

Social Circle 

Start meeting new people and building a support network immediately. Connect with co-workers and join international groups to find new friends. Keep in contact with loved ones in your home country to avoid loneliness and isolation.  


Start learning the local language as soon as possible, or choose a destination that uses a language you are fluent in. Research to find differences in meaning and slang to avoid making a social faux pas.