Melissa Bolona- Actress & Instagram Influencer

Melissa Bolona- Actress & Instagram Influencer

Instagram is one of the most used and downloaded apps in the world right now. It connects its users to millions of others every day. An Instagram influencer is a user who has a large following on the site. On Melissa Bolona’s Instagram page, there are close to 100k followers from around the world, which means her influence reaches not only those 100,000 people but also potentially all their friends.

Melissa Bolona is an actress, model and Instagrammer who has a passion for fashion. Her presence in social media is strongly felt. She has reached hundreds of thousands of social media users with thousands of posts. Her film career is also building quickly. To date, she has been in over 20 films and television shows. Her following is only getting larger. With this kind of notoriety, Bolona is in the unique position of being able to not only spread the word about her own work, but help bring awareness to any topic she chooses.

Melissa posts a multitude of various selfies and images with others as well. On average, her images receive fairly positive responses and her fans all seem to be genuinely supportive of her in her comments. Her influence, not only as a model and actress but also as an Instagram user appears to have quite the reach.

Melissa is slated to be in 8 films and television shows this year, according to the Melissa Bolona IMDB page. With seven of those projects in the post production process, her face will be on many screens in the coming year.

As an Instagram influencer, Bolona has reached the daily lives of more than a hundred thousand people, and that number will likely continue to grow. Bolona’s modeling and acting careers are in an upward spiral and her Instagram is a chronicle of her personal journey to the peak of that mountain.