Making Your Ideal Garden

Making Your Ideal Garden

There are plenty of ways you can change the entire look and feel of your garden. By doing so, you can give it a new lease on life! In this short guide, we’ll look at various approaches you can take in order to achieve this.

How about having some water features added to your garden? Not only can they appeal to wildlife, welcoming nature into your garden but they can act as beautiful fixtures in any garden. Further, they also have the ability to drown out sounds. So if you live in a busy neighborhood or by a busy road, water features can provide you with a more relaxing, soothing environment! 

Examples of water features include ponds, water blades, small fountains, rills, drilled rocks and streams. You could decorate a pond by planting floating plants like water ferns or lotus’. One great benefit to water features is that they can attract wildlife whether it be insects, frogs or birds.

When it comes to birds, you may also be interested in installing feeders throughout your garden. Types of feeders include tube, njyer, tray/platform, hopper/house, window and suet feeders. A good mixture of seeds is the best approach to feeding birds in general. These could be sunflower, safflower, thistle, white proso millet or golden millet seeds among others.

What about fencing? You may wish to have wooden, steel or weave fence boards installed. Whether you already have fencing or not you should also consider different fence paint colours. Blue-grey, white, brown and black are among the most commonly used colours for fences.

Other ways to improve your garden are by having a patio or decking added. Either can act as a great social focus point. When it comes to decking, some of the materials you can choose from are softwoods, hardwoods, composite and PVC plastic.

In terms of seating, you may wish to have a garden bench installed. The most commonly used garden benches by material are iron, steel, aluminum, wood and weave or rattan. As for designs, some ideas are floating wooden benches, rustic split-log benches and checkerboard tile Spanish benches.

As our short guide has shown, there are many ways you can enhance the aesthetics of your garden. Before having new installations added and work undertaken, you should take into account your budget, preferences and requirements and plan out the new appearance you have in mind!