Maintaining the Magic: 5 of the Best Sex Toys for Married Couples

Maintaining the Magic: 5 of the Best Sex Toys for Married Couples

Who said toys are just for kids?

According to research, couples willing to bring sex toys into the bedroom often have a stronger level of satisfaction than their counterparts.

Whether you’re a newlywed looking to spice things up or you’re looking to revive things after a bit of a slump, the right sex toys for married couples can make a huge difference.

So which toys are sure to leave you and your partner wide-eyed and satisfied? Keep reading as we give five of our recommendations.

1. Ohare Double Vibrating Rabbit Ring

Most vibrators are designed for and by women. Now, the guys can get in on the fun, too!

The Ohare cock ring delivers a spine-tingling sensation for both partners thanks to its surprisingly strong motor. Two tiny ‘ears’ on top of the ring provide clitoral stimulation, making it the perfect pick for partners.

2. Unraveled by Pure Romance

Pure Romance has plenty of best sellers. However, our recommendation is the Unraveled vibrator.

While there are plenty of vibrators that offer clitoral suction and vaginal penetration separately, Unraveled is one of the few toys to offer both in one package. Both motors function independently, so you can control the speed and intensity of both forms of stimulation.

3. We-Vibe Sync

As we’ve seen, vibrators can be some of the most fun sex toys for couples. But the fun doesn’t have to stop when one of you has to leave the house.

The We-Vibe Sync packs a huge punch in its small package. It’s a discreet vibrator made to fit in underwear, so you can wear it anywhere. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you or your partner can control the intensity of the vibration, leading to some steamy situations in public.

Rest assured, this is one of the most fun sex toys for couples on the market.

4. Frisky Spreader Bar

Whether you want to attribute it to the popularity of “Fifty Shades of Grey” or the disappearance of social taboos, people seem more willing to experiment with BDSM than ever before.

If you’re a newbie, though, figuring out where to begin can feel intimidating. We suggest starting with a spreader bar, like the kind offered by Frisky.

The idea is that it forces the wearer’s legs open, giving the other partner total freedom to do whatever they want.

And don’t worry, it might not look like the most comfortable toy, but the nylon and neoprene ensure total comfort — no matter which side of the bar you’re on.

5. Lovehoney Foreplay Dice

Can’t decide on a position? Just feel like trying something new?

Well, variety is the spice of life, after all. And you can rest assured, these dice provide the spice you’re looking for.

Each roll of the dice brings a new position or action, so you and your partner can look forward to near-limitless fun. Plus, since they’re dice, they’re easy to store.

Spice up Your Love Life With These Sex Toys for Married Couples

Which of these sex toys for married couples are you looking forward to trying out first? Whatever you choose, we hope you and your spouse have a blast. You’re sure to love making love with these toys in tow.

For more sexy and steamy tips, make sure to check back with our blog!

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