Luxury Nursery Furniture by Dragons of Walton Street

Luxury Nursery Furniture by Dragons of Walton Street

Creating a comfortable and beautiful space for a baby is not an easy task. Even if it is not a first child, parents always want to give their kids the best. A nursery room is a unique space that requires special furniture and designs suitable for little children. Such rooms are much more than just a small baby cod and toys. Children need special beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs, toy boxes, wallpapers, and so on. Dragons of Walton Street has been creating beautiful handcrafted baby furniture for the last forty years. In the catalog (, you will find a wide range of stunning, carefully picked, and hand-painted furniture pieces that will make any nursery and playroom special.

The Advantages of Baby Furniture by Dragons

There is a reason why the customers continue loving Dragons of Walton Street for decades. Initially, it was a small brand, which then grew into something bigger. Now, parents all around the globe enjoy gorgeous high-quality children furniture with unique designs. Here are the key benefits of ordering from Dragons:

  • Hand-painted art – each furniture piece available on the website and custom-made orders include beautiful hand-drawn pictures. Each drawing can be considered a work of art as all of them are unique and made manually by the team of artists and designers. You will not find two identical furniture elements because they are all one of a kind;
  • Unique designs – there is a selection of unique lines to choose from, such as designer bunnies, vintage safari, flower fairies, etc. You might love some popular characters like Paddington Bear and animals by Beatrix Potter as well. Besides, the artists of Dragons can create custom paintings according to your specifications. You can ask for a certain theme, specific characters, or request something beautiful to match your wallpapers or the furniture you already have;
  • High-quality materials –to create safe and durable furniture for your children, the craftspeople at Dragons use supreme-quality wood from sustainable sources. Popular and beech wood is incorporated in crafting of this furniture. These are natural and safe materials that are perfectly suitable for children of all ages;
  • Repainting works – all the furniture pieces by Dragons are created to serve for more than one generation. These luxurious items can be passed on to the new family members or remain by the child’s side even when he or she grows up. If you want to refresh or reimagine your Dragons furniture, our specialists will gladly give it a new unique look.

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