Keeping It Professional: 7 Reasons Why Your Necklace May Seem Cheap

Keeping It Professional: 7 Reasons Why Your Necklace May Seem Cheap

Want to opt for a necklace that makes a statement but want to avoid looking like you ran into a cheap costume jewelry store? Take a look at these five tips to show you how to wear a necklace that you love, without it looking ‘cheap’.

When most people opt for the statement necklace, it is often in the pursuit of looking gorgeous. However, all too often instead of looking gorgeous, they end up looking gaudy. Whether your necklace is bold and bright or simple yet extravagant, you want to be able to wear your necklace without looking like a craft shop ambassador. How do you know how to wear your necklace with style? Which one is the right one and how extravagant can you be before you cross the line to the crazy art lady label?

Well, this article will help you to answer all of these questions and more. However, before we begin, it is important to remember that if you truly love a necklace, go ahead and wear it- don’t mind what other people tell you is gorgeous or gaudy. Find something you love, and wear it proudly with your personal stamp of style.

There are many different types of statement necklaces, let’s look at each one and see how to wear them while avoiding that ‘cheap’ effect:

1. The ‘Bib’ Statement Necklace with Bold Clothes

The ‘bib’ necklace is a statement piece that can offer a certain element of sophistication, despite the name. While it is a bold and eccentric piece, it can be worn in a way that conveys style. Pair it with a simple outfit, and if the colours are cold and varying then combine it with neutral tones so that it becomes the centrepiece of the outfit. Your top should be simple and subtle. Try wearing custom choker necklaces for statement pieces that reflect your personal style.

2. Cutesy Styles

When you wear a charm bracelet, animal pendant or any type of that sort of thing, it should be left behind in your teens. There are many charm bracelets that cost plenty of money, but that does not mean that it looks like it was expensive. More often than not, childish pendants and charms look cheap.

3. Oversized Beaded Necklaces

Avoid larger beads and necklaces that have multiple and various large beads. These tend to look cheap. Necklaces that have smaller, simpler beads offer a more expensive look.

4. Your Necklace and Earring Pairing

Keep your pairing simple and avoid the overuse of gems. By keeping your earring simple, like a single drop or dangle earring, you can avoid cheapening the overall look of your jewelry.

5. Poor Enamel Work

A sign of cheap jewelry is bad enamel work. Good enamel work is shown with clean edges where the enamel and the metal or stones meet.

6. Too Much Shine

If you take a look at costume jewelry, you may notice that some of the gold and silver pieces are exceptionally bright and shiny. Real gold and silver do not have this fake shine.

7. Flimsy Necklaces

Jewelry that has poor quality clasps is a giveaway sign of cheapness. Similarly, necklaces which are lightweight look cheap as well. Your necklace should be of a similar weight to the metal that it is attempting to imitate.