James DeVellis – Activities to Inspire Your Children To Write

James DeVellis – Activities to Inspire Your Children To Write

It isn’t always easy as a parent to get your kids interested in certain activities but one which you should always try to get them interested is writing. Writing can help them in so many different ways from learning to be creative, boosting their vocabulary and helping them get to grips with better grammar. Writing skills can help in a huge range of job positions in the future so it will always be a skill which they can use. Kids are unlikely to voluntarily ask for help with writing so I spoke to news reported James DeVellis to find out some exercises which he could recommend to get your kids more interested in writing.


Journalism is about getting to the hearty of the story and finding out the truth behind wrongful allegations of misconduct or discovering the truth behind a mystery. To get your kids engaged with this, you can create a story and get the family to all play different roles. For example you could imagine that you live on a farm and that someone keeps stealing the eggs from the chicken coup. Your child can run interviews and then report on what he or she believes to be the culprit, be it a fox or perhaps even a family member. The idea is to get them asking questions and formulating their own opinions.


Another great activity which you can use to get their brans buzzing is to play the story in a hat game. Basically you will write out a number of places, a number of names and a number of objects and then mix them up in a hat. Your child will take a place name, a person’s name and an abject from the hat and they must make a story which includes these three pieces of information. This is a challenging way to write stories but it will help your child to dig deep into their imagination and see what they can come up with. What is very important here is that you show your children that there are no restrictions on what they write, and that anything can be turned into a story.


The third kind of activity you can play with your child is to get them to write out something which is more fact-based, this will of course help them throughout their education. The best thing that you can do here is to give them the name of someone from history who they must find out about and then write about. You must ask them to quote their sources and references and you should encourage them to have at least 5 different sources on the page. This will be a great activity which will help them to become more analytical and also to write in a more professional manner.

Keeping your kids engaged will help them to become better writers and these activities will really help them out a lot.