Inner Living – How Altering Your Home-Life Can Influence Your Mood

Inner Living – How Altering Your Home-Life Can Influence Your Mood

Your surroundings can have a big influence on the way you feel, which will also affect the way you can function in these spaces. In your home, you want to feel certain ways at specific times; sometimes you want to be productive, and sometimes you want to relax and sleep. The way you can help your body be prepared and most effective at these tasks in the home is zone and decorate it in specific ways to maximize the spaces for their purpose. Here are five room tips and tricks to get the most out of your homelife.


  1. The Bedroom

In your bedroom you want to maximize relaxation and sleep, but first you need to make sure your bed and mattress are as comfortable and supportive as possible. A Koala mattress is a great way to keep things comfortable, and nice sheets will make a difference as well. For the rest of this space, you want to have things be as mellow as possible, with the walls painted a soft shade of a colour you enjoy. Adding a fragrance to your bedroom can also make the space feel calmer, with incense and oils being great options. The best colours and fragrances to go for are subtle, and not too demanding of your attention.

Some prefer a small, warm feeling space with lots of personal things on display, and others prefer a light airy space that is adaptable and practical. These are both fine, as long as the bedroom is a comfortable and stress free space for the occupants.

If you want to display things, that is more than okay. However, try to only view screens outside of your bed, this will help ensure your body knows it is a place for sleeping and can wind down quickly. This can help prevent sleeping problems, and will ensure that the sleep you get is good quality.

2.   Study / Desk Space

For this area, you want to feel alert, inspired and motivated, so you want the area to be a good balance of stimulating and not overly distracting, which is why some of these tips can be pretty subjective. The basic idea is that you have an area that is only for work, so that when you want to game or watch tv shows, you can do it somewhere else. The space should be big enough for your laptop and paper, pens, cups, even food, so that when it is cluttered there is still enough space to be productive.

Ideally, you should keep the workspace as uncluttered as possible and fairly neutral, so that it can be adapted for whatever work you need to do. The surrounding area could have some speakers for music, some knick knacks, and some art that you enjoy. You can also add bright colours, and things you associate with work, like your pencil case, some books even a coffee pot! This is a space you can personalise as much as you like, so get the most out of it that you can.

3.     The Entertainment Area

Unfortunately I can’t help much with this one, because everybody does downtime differently.

In this area, anything from a couple of beanbags to an exercise bike is fine! Creating this space means that you can think about what you enjoy and begin to make it your own. Maybe a library nook is more your style that giant tv with all the gadgets, but whatever makes you happy is the way to go!

These are small simple changes that are easy to whip up in a weekend that can have a massive impact on your mood and productivity, so as long as you keep in mind what goals you have in a space it is easy to add or subtract a couple of things to make them more effective. You know yourself best so go with your gut and you will probably find yourself enjoying being home just that little bit more. It is where you live and no-one should have any reason to not look forward to their home at the end of a long day!