Important Factors Fueling the Growth of Plastic Surgery Today

Important Factors Fueling the Growth of Plastic Surgery Today

In 2017 there were 14.7 million minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the US. This is up 2% from 2016. There were also 5.8 million reconstruction surgeries and 1.8 million invasive cosmetic surgeries in the country.

Most people are surprised when they hear these numbers because although everyone would agree that the amount of plastic surgery procedures is on the rise, these numbers are staggering.

There are good reasons why so many people seek out great plastic surgeons like Dr. Nina Naidu to perform a range of procedures that are designed to make them look younger and more beautiful. Here are some of the most popular reasons.

Today People Want to Look Good at Any Age

The mood around the US is that your physical appearance matters more and more regardless of your age. The idea of growing old gracefully with wrinkles still has an allure but it is quickly losing ground to a mentality of being young looking and beautiful for as long as you can. For this reason, more people of every age are investing in creams, potions, and treatments that help them to improve their appearance and usher in youth. But the more popular choice is becoming a surgical procedure that can permanently correct flaws and take off years.

The Newest Procedures Require Less Downtime

Previously the time needed to heal from cosmetic surgery was often measured in months. This required lots of time off work and limited mobility and functionality. You would also need someone to take care of you, which was prohibitive for most people.

Today with the refining of plastic surgery procedures, downtime has moved from months to weeks and in the case of the smaller procedures you might be able to get back to work the next day.

The Costs for Procedures Has Substantially Decreased

A few decades ago they were only a small amount of doctors trained in cosmetic surgery procedures. If you were interested in a rhinoplasty or liposuction, you might have to drive 100 miles to a very high-priced surgeon. Today however there are hundreds of thousands of doctors trained in cosmetic surgery procedures and clinics providing these procedures located in every city and even small towns. As a result the price for cosmetic surgery has plummeted. Today the most popular procedures are less than 50% of the cost that they were 10 years ago.

It Works!

People today are attracted to all types of treatments, creams, and potions claiming to make them more beautiful and take years off their appearance. The reality is that most of these products and treatments, many which are very expensive, actually do little or nothing. Cosmetic surgery in nearly every instance will deliver upon its claims. Generally speaking people report great satisfaction with their cosmetic surgery procedures and often get more procedures done because they are so satisfied with their initial surgery.

As the trend toward looking younger and more beautiful continues, cosmetic surgery procedures will continue to increase. If you have an interest in a procedure, be sure to work with a gifted and reputable surgeon like Dr. Nina Naidu.