How to Plan a Picnic: 3 Handy Tips

How to Plan a Picnic: 3 Handy Tips

Do you love summer? Most of us do but sometimes it can feel as if we are wasting it. It’s easy to spend hours lounging around in the sun without doing anything or sitting indoors with the air conditioning on when you could be outside.

If you are looking for ideas about how to spend the summer days then consider planning the perfect picnic with your friends.

Here’s how to plan a picnic and some perfect picnic ideas.

1. Invite Your Friends

It’s important when you decide who to invite to your picnic that you only invite people you know will click. Don’t pick people you know will clash and don’t follow the crowd in inviting as many people as you possibly can.

Invite a small group of people for an intimate gathering where everyone can get to know each other. Don’t just create a Facebook event and expect people to attend. Pick up the phone and try and talk to people about your picnic in real life.

This way they will feel like they have been personally invited and are more likely to attend. Gentle reminders and a set date and date are also important for the perfect picnic.

2. Check the Weather Before You Finalize

Don’t pick a day when it’s raining and that you confirm the picnic on the day it is taking place to ensure you don’t sit outside in the rain, miserable.

Although it is rare for it to rain in the summer in some states like California, it can still happen. It’s also good to have backup plans. Ensure that you have an indoor venue lined up such as your own home. If you do want to rearrange be sure to make sure the food you have bought will not go out-of-date.

3. Splash Out On Some Good Wine or Champagne

Every good picnic needs some good drinks. Be sure to check with your guests to find out what they like and try to find a consensus option. But also make sure that there are non-alcoholic options as well. Generally, people who don’t drink will like a special drink, not just orange juice or coca-cola so be sure to consult with them.

Don’t go cheap on this option. It’s better to spend good money on one good bottle of wine or champagne than to spend the same amount on cheaper bottles that won’t taste as good. Also, don’t forget the ice packs for the coolers to keep the drinks cool. Here are some of the best ones.

A sophisticated and perfect picnic is not about getting drunk but about just having a good time.

How to Plan a Picnic? Invite Great People and Find Out What They Want

If you are looking for how to plan a picnic then be sure to invite great people, people that you enjoy spending time with. Make sure that they don’t clash with any of the other guests and all get along.

Have backup plans in case it rains and refrain from buying the food and drink until the day of the picnic. And be sure to keep an eye on the weather.

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