How to maximize the summer vibes this January

How to maximize the summer vibes this January

When the summer vibes are packing on the heat and the count-down to the holiday season has begun, you need to get yourself prepared for the swimming season. Holiday time is time to go away with family, hang out with friends and all the while, make memories. Summertime won’t be complete without a few crucial additions that must be remembered. There is no time like the present and it can never be repeated. Be sure to make the most of it. If you want to suck the marrow, here are some tips to doing just that. Keep your list top of mind as you prepare for the sea and sand, water and waves.


Get yourself some brand-new Roxy bathers that you will feel proud to wear. Having a new swimsuit always makes you feel ready to go out and face the world. You will feel proud, and somewhat glamorous as you strut your stuff in your new bather. Go shopping with some friends of yours to kick start the holiday feeling. Or you can shop online at a trusted retailer and they will deliver your order to your door. Accessories to go with your summer look will include a sarong, sunglasses, a big sun hat, and an umbrella. And remember to pack loads of sunscreen.

Holiday playlist

Put together an awesome playlist that you can jam to this season. It can be an eclectic range of genres and styles, new or old but regardless, it should be groovy music that you can vibe to. Music that works is that which is happy, upbeat and doesn’t get old quickly. Songs that you can belt out a few of the lyrics to are a definite must. Having some good tunes to take around with you, in your car, by the pool, on the beach will add a layer of memories that will be triggered by these tunes in years to come.

Take those snaps

Always take a few snaps to remember the moment by. You don’t need to take selfies the centre of attention, but you can take a few pictures throughout the course of the holidays. It is fun going back and having the photos to trigger the memories and the moments and reflect on who was with you that holiday and my how young you looked! If you don’t want to take your valuable camera with you everywhere you go, get a Polaroid camera or a cheaper compact digital camera.

Beach body

Find some activities that you enjoy and use this as your way of getting your body toned and conditioned. Spend some time in the sun to become more tanned and less likely to get burned on your first day away. Don’t let it become something you are obsessed about, ultimately your goal is to feel good and confident about yourself during and after travel and your weight and tan aren’t all that this is about. But there is no doubt that exercise, healthy eating, and time outdoors in the sunshine is good for you and will make you feel awesome in no time at all.