How to Make Sure Your Office Window Treatments Stay Clean

How to Make Sure Your Office Window Treatments Stay Clean

Whatever you use in life, it will need to be cleaned at some point. If you don’t clean them properly, they will become unhygienic, and they will start to break as well. This is true both in your home and in your office. Let’s look specifically at your office blinds. They have to be cleaned properly or they won’t last, and they will make the overall atmosphere unhealthy and dangerous. Within offices, employers have a responsibility to keep their workers safe and this means they have to clean the blinds as well. Luckily, this is not something overly complex or difficult, nor will it cost you the earth.

Cleaning Office Blinds

Office blinds come in a wealth of different materials. This includes metal, wood, faux wood, fabric, PVC, and more. How you have to clean these materials varies, depending on what they are made of. If you make sure that you fully follow the cleaning instructions, the blinds will have a much longer lifespan and they will continue to look great as well.

Here are some instructions on cleaning the various types of blinds that exist:

  1. Fabric blinds. These can be vertical blinds or roller blinds. They are very easy to clean by just vacuuming them lightly or by using a sponge with some warm water. Make sure you are gentle when you clean them, however.
  2. Aluminum or vinyl blinds. These are more common in offices and they can be cleaned with paper towels, cloths, or a damp sponge. These are some of the few types of blinds on which you can actually use a cleaning product and they are therefore some of the easiest to clean.
  3. Wood blinds. These are the most expensive of all blinds and they are not overly common in offices. Light vacuuming is generally the best way to clean these blinds, although you can also use an all purpose wood cleaner, applied with a soft, clean cloth. Do not, however, use water to clean the blinds, as water will make the wood warp and break.

These are some of the most common types of office blinds and how to clean them. You could also choose to use ultrasonic cleaning, which is something that works on all different types of materials. Through ultrasonic cleaning, all dust particles, pollutants, bacteria, and germs can be eliminated. However, this is a more expensive cleaning method and one that not all cleaning companies offer yet.

Blinds can last a lifetime if they are looked after properly. Doing this properly also means that you maintain a healthy atmosphere in the office, which is something you have to do by law. Make sure you check the cleaning and care instructions that will have been provided to you when you purchased the blinds. If you did lose them, then the blind manufacturer will be happy to provide you with more information on how to make sure your products are maintained properly.