How to Find Kids Movies Online

How to Find Kids Movies Online

Is movie night coming up on your family’s calendar?

In an interconnected media-centric world where content rules, it’s not hard to find movies and shows to watch. That said, you’re looking for two factors when it comes to films for kids: Quality and age-appropriateness. That’s understandable.

Despite the official screentime guidelines for kids, a fun movie once a week or every few days is a reasonable treat. With that, here are some useful tips for finding quality kids movies online.

Free Kids Movies Online

If it’s free, it’s already a plus, right? As movie studios and politicians alike crack down on piracy and copyright laws, it’s hard to believe that free streaming is still possible. Well, great news: Free streaming of the best movies for kids isn’t only possible, it’s legal and accessible.

For instance, apps like Tubi and Pluto are free to all users, and they each have a sizable library of content for kids. From 80’s movies to more recent blockbusters, you can find them on one of these apps. If you have an Amazon account, you can even search some kids movies on the new IMDB app that is an extension of Amazon prime content.

Free sites like Voodoo are a treasure trove of quality family films. Voodoo is even a pleasure to browse through. For the entire list of movies for children, just click on the kids and family section, and voila!

Independent Movie Streaming for Kids

Do you need your kids to entertain themselves on their own for a couple of hours? What better way to let them do that than with a movie they pick and watch independently?

Sure, your best bet for online safety is to supervise your kids’ Internet use whenever possible, but for those times when independent online streaming is necessary in a pinch, these are the most kid-friendly apps and sites featuring full-length films.

Popcornflicks Kids is a site where a variety of kid-friendly movies are listed in an easy-to-navigate layout. The movies on this site were handpicked, so there’s no misleading algorithm at play, labeling inappropriate content as safe for kids.

The PBS Kids app has a wide variety of content including some movies which are completely free. The app is very safe for kids to navigate alone, and the content, mostly kids shows, and full-length documentaries is very educational.

Pureflicks is a sort of Netflix for kids. Originally created as a safe streaming haven for Christian families, this app has plenty of kid-appropriate titles that doesn’t need stringent parental approval. For instance, your kid can watch the full Veggietales movie on this app, along with the entire archive of the Veggietales show. 

Let Them Watch

Now that you know how to get and find kids movies online, what will you do with your free time? Are your kids’ new favorite films going to grant you some more much-needed me-time?

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