How To Clean an Air Conditioner Filter

How To Clean an Air Conditioner Filter

Did you know that having regularly cleaned air conditioners saves a lot of money a year on energy bills in most homes?

The best way to keep your AC in excellent condition is to clean and change the filter regularly. Many people know this but need to take the time to do it.

Depending on the type of filters on your system, the cleaning process is a little different. If you’re wondering, “how to clean an air conditioner filter?” keep reading to see what needs to be done.

Use Vacuum

When using a vacuum to clean the filter, begin by turning off the unit and unplugging it from the power source. To access the filter, remove the grille, which covers the filter. Using a screwdriver or other appropriate tool, remove the filter.

Remove loose dirt or dust particles from it with a handheld vacuum or brush. After cleaning an air conditioner filter, run the vacuum over the inside of the unit to remove any extra dirt or dust particles. Replace the filter and the grille and plug the unit back in.

Make sure to turn the unit back on for a test run to ensure it is working correctly. To further protect the AC, clean the filter regularly. Follow these steps to ensure your Filter is free of debris and dust, so your AC remains in peak operating condition.

Rinse Off

You will need a garden hose, a bucket, dish soap, and a brush to rinse off and clean the filter. Start by setting up a rinse station near your air conditioner. Attach the garden hose to within reach of the filter.

Place the bucket nearby to catch the excess water. Pour a small amount of dish liquid into the bucket, enough to form some extra suds, and then add a couple of gallons of water. Take your brush and scrub the filter frame and media to remove any dirt or debris particles.

Finally, rinse the filter with the garden hose and let it air dry. Make sure to rinse off the filter ultimately to ensure any excess soapy residue is completely removed. Now your air conditioner filter is all clean and ready for re-installation.

Use a Soft Brush

When using a soft brush, it is essential to ensure the filter is removed from the AC, either from the side or from the top depending on the type of AC. Start by vacuuming the filter to remove all built-up dust. After that, use the soft brush to remove all remaining dirt and dust from the filter’s surface.

Move the brush back and forth over the filter until all debris is removed. Ensure to be as gentle as possible to avoid damage to the filter.

Once all dirt and dust particles are removed, it’s recommended to check the filter and brush away any remaining deposits. Once the filter appears clean, use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess debris and let it air dry before placing the filter back into the air conditioner.

Use the Right Cleaner Product

To protect indoor air quality, start by making sure the product you choose is specifically formulated for air conditioner filters. These cleaners are low-odor, non-toxic, and non-flammable.

Before applying, check to ensure the filter is dry, and then use the cleaner product following the directions on the label. Click to have the best filter for you.

Hire a Professional

First, find an experienced and reliable HVAC technician to do the job. To find one, research local businesses and ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Once you have chosen the technician to hire, discuss the job details; ask about the type of filter, how often to clean it, the estimated price, and the payment requirements.

Once you agree on the job specifics, the next step is ensuring the AC filter is ready for cleaning. First, unplug the unit and remove the filter. Next, the technician will remove all dirt, dust, and debris from the filter and inspect it for any other damage.

Finally, the technician will reassemble the filter and reinstall it. Follow up with the technician to make sure the job is proper and that they follow all safety protocols. With some research and patience, you can hire a professional to clean an air conditioner filter.

Consult a Professional

When consulting a professional to clean an air conditioner filter, it’s essential to know the make and model of your air conditioner. This way, the professional can identify the best filter for your unit. They will also be able to recommend a type and brand of filter that will suit your budget and needs.

It is also advised to ensure the filter is correctly installed and all connections are tight. It’s essential to have a general understanding of how the filter should be maintained, such as when it should be replaced or cleaned. Consulting a professional will ensure the job is done, which could help save energy and money in the long run.

Learn How to Clean an Air Conditioner Filter Today

Having a clean air conditioner filter is essential for your health and the performance and well-being of your AC system. Regular cleaning is the key to preventing poor indoor air quality and AC malfunction.

Check and replace your filter per manufacturer guidelines for the best performance. There is no time to lose. Know how to clean an air conditioner filter. Start today and breathe easy!

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