Girls Love Blackjack Too: The Best Games online

Girls Love Blackjack Too: The Best Games online


In terms of mobile gambling and game play, Android has established itself as one of the technology world’s most capable platforms. This is not just down to the provision of high quality graphics, however, as perhaps the single most beneficial aspect of Android gaming is the sheer range of titles available to users. Take casino games, for example, as whether you enjoy playing blackjack offline or blackjack online there are multiple variations accessible across a range of alternative Android smartphones.

There are an especially large amount of Blackjack games available online, so let’s take a look at the most popular:

Vegas Blackjack

If you are a serious and committed online casino player, you should consider visiting This site, which is available through mobile platforms, delivers a range of poker and blackjack variations with the excellent Vegas Blackjack among the most popular. The most important as aspect of this game is that it enables you to practice and hone your skills in a simulated game play environment, as you can use a Play Money version before entering live or tournament play.

European Blackjack

The game of blackjack has various online incarnations, and many of these are based on cultural and geographical differences. There is a significant variation in how blackjack is played throughout the world, for example, as this is reflected in the number of online formats available in the current market. European Blackjack is particularly interesting, as while it requires a similar strategy to succeed it is worth nothing that the dealer only gets a face-up card and no ‘hole’ card. This format is often preferred by knowledgeable players or those with significant tournament experience.

Micro Limit Blackjack

Micro Limit Blackjack is ideal for enthusiastic players who wish to sample the excitement of real money game play at the lowest possible stake. It generally appeals to novice players who are looking to gain experience of real-time blackjack, without being forced to risk large amounts of money. Available in both single and multi-player formats, it is extremely interactive and also adds a unique social element for online participants.