Equipping your kitchen for 2015

Equipping your kitchen for 2015


As you and your family’s needs change over time, so does the way that you use your kitchen space. 2014 is rapidly coming to a close, and now is the perfect time to take a step back, stake out in your kitchen, and anticipate your needs for the coming year. Here are 4 ways that the KDH and their innovative trolley collection is making this process simple and fun.

Allowing flexibility for your changing needs

Kids grow, jobs shift, and family priorities become bigger and bigger. Sometimes you need to clear off every counter to host a massive art project, and sometimes you are on one-woman mission to tackle a turkey and need as much work space as physically possible! The luxurious trolley collections at Kitchen Design Home offer sleek, versatile options that allow you to rearrange your counter space, work space, and walking space effectively over time to adapt for you and your families changing day-to-day needs.

Keeping it stylish

From your kitchen comes your life. It is the heart of the house, and responsible for working with you to feed you and your family. It deserves to be a beautiful extension of your personal taste! An aesthetic, functional trolley is not only a great accent piece, but makes you look like a savvy, logical design buff. Just because your kitchen often carries the stigma of a “place of work”with the solitary and concrete “mission to feed”associated with it, don’t let that discourage you from dressing it up and making it a pleasant, aesthetic place to be.

Staying sturdy and safe

As a mom, safety is always on your mind. And it doesn’t take long to realize that your child’s increase in height is directly proportional to the amount of things they can mount, topple and swipe up. (With every inch they sprout, gravity becomes a closer ally)! Incorporate appliances and accessories that are functional but will also teach them how to work and behave in the kitchen properly. Taking basic safety measures and ensuring that your kitchen trolley has a reliable locking mechanism and can be stored somewhere harmlessly will make your kitchen a fun but safe place to explore.

Expanding your collections to expand your discoveries

Buying great new equipment for the upcoming year encourages you to try out new recipes and techniques to keep your family happy and healthy. Expanding on your collection of kitchen tools, prep-ware, bakeware and cookware helps to build your arsenal and equip your kitchen for any and all situations, 12 months a year. And with a stylish island or accent trolley, you will never be out of space for your growing collection.