Girish Navani – Professional and a Mother, How She Does It

Girish Navani – Professional and a Mother, How She Does It

There are inspirational women everywhere and none-more-so than the ladies out there who have a career and who are also full-time mothers. My friend Girish Navani is a woman just like that and she not only holds down a high profile position in a law firm but she is also the proud mother of 3 children, who have a very present and very caring mother. As someone who has the job but not the kids, I am always fascinated at how Girish Navani is able to juggle her lifestyle. If you dream fo following in the footsteps of someone like Girish Navani then here is how she is able to perform well in both work and family.

Time for Herself

Although it is few and far between, Girish Navani always stresses how important it is that she takes time for herself and uses it wisely. She often says that if she is not in a good place then she knows that her work and her family will not get the best version of her. Whenever she has a spare hour, or perhaps less, she loves to hit the gym, do a quick workout and then relax in the pool or in the steam room. She says that this is what helps her get rid of stress and it is also what puts a smile on her face. Wherever possible she likes to sandwich the gym in between work and home, in order to get rid of any stress or anxiety which the day has caused.


In order to juggle both being a great mum and being a great worker, Girish Navani has always put rules place which she will not forget. This includes taking the kids to school every morning and making sure that from Saturday morning to Sunday night, that time will be family time only. The key to this working is sticking to the rules and that is something which Girish does very well. Furthermore her bosses know about the rules which she has in place which is why she is never needed to work or at weekends.


Scheduling is of course absolutely vital to this situation working out and although she does have a secretary at work, Girish much prefers to stay on top of all of her scheduling herself. This way she never misses an even when it comes to the kids, she never gets caught out and she is able to make sure that she always has time for her family and for the kids.


The final point which Girish often makes is that her husband is incredibly supportive and that without him she couldn’t cope. Between them they make the perfect team whereby one needs each other and they work together in order to make this lifestyle work.

Could you be a mother and a career-driven professional?