For your feet to take a walk on a healthy Planet, EWIG 221

For your feet to take a walk on a healthy Planet, EWIG 221

Customizable flip-flops that perfectly fit on your feet

Guess how many shoes get rid of by US people per a year. The answer is three hundred million pairs. It takes 30~40 years for those shoes to be decomposed in landfills. The real problem is, however, not only thrown away shoes cause the pollution. When manufacturing tons of shoes, factory fumes and chemicals from discarded dyes pollute the environment. To protect our planet earth, should we walk barefoot then?

Getting Ewig221, eco-conscious flip-flops on Kickstarter will definitely help us to care about the environment. Since it was made with TPE material which can be melted down for reuse, is 100% recyclable. The modular design of Ewig221’s components enables easy assembly and disassembly of the flip-flops. You can just replace the part which is worn out and continue to use the shoes. Additionally, no chemicals such as glue and so on are not used at all – manufacturing process is also eco-friendly. Ewig221 also has excellent durability. The flip-flop strap on Ewig221 is made to last and can withstand the physical force of even the strong adults.

With Ewig221, you can care the environment and express your color to the world. There are 5 colors available, including black, creamy white, beige, blue, and orange, and you can combine each part of the shoes with a color that suits your personality. This makes you feel like having multiple shoes without buying a new pair. Pledged funds of add-ons for color custom will be donated to Eden Project (nongovernmental organization).

Ewig221 did not miss the core feature of the shoes. Considering users’ feet to remain healthy, it was designed to be comfortable. The heel cushioning system is attached to the heel section to absorb the shock of the heel from continuous walking, and the sole is constructed in the shape of an arch to keep the foot comfortable even when worn for a long period. The heel cushion is detachable and prepared with different elasticity, so you can customize it to your desired elasticity.

Get you a pair of Ewig221 to care both your feet and environment on Kickstarter now!