How Your Family Can Benefit From Financial Advice

How Your Family Can Benefit From Financial Advice

I had always worked on the notion that financial advisors were the type of people who were used by global businesses and highly wealthy individuals who were looking for ways to move their money about. After a chance meeting with Patrick Dwyer financial advisor and friend, my idea of a financial advisor changed altogether. At that time, myself and my family were having to tighten the purse strings little as we were going through something of a financial downturn. My friend recommended that I take some professional advice and I decided to trust him and part begrudgingly with $30 for a consultation. That payment turned out to be one of the best decisions that I ever made and here is how.

Instant Savings

The first thing that blew me away about our financial advisor was that in just a short time he was able to save us almost $150 on our monthly payments. He had looked at what we paid for our utilities and our home services like broadband and telephone, found better offers and then switched us or renegotiated our terms so that we ended up paying less on almost all of them. Next up he took a swing at our mortgage and was able to find us a better mortgage, paying less interest overall and paying less money each month, his fee had been paid off already, and then some!


Myself and my wife are notoriously bad when it comes to planning, finances included and our advisor spent a lot of time with us working out what we wanted from life, and how to financially go about it. He looked at all aspects of our income and our expenditure, he did not judge us on our spends but simply reminded us of what is really important. I honestly never expected a financial advisor to be able to change so much for us with just a few small alterations and from setting up a new bak account with better interest to creating a savings plan for us, he really worked wonders on our finances on the whole.


I was always of the belief that you had to have a lot of money to start investing in things like stocks and shares or private funds but after we had saved so much on our monthly bills, we accepted his advice that we would dedicate $50 per month to investing. Thanks to his advice we made some smart investments which pay regular dividends which have further strengthened our financial position. As we have continued to grow stronger financially, we have taken more of his advice and invested a little heavier, we are yet to see returns on these investments but are very confident in the decisions which we have made.

A financial advisor is out there for anyone, not just big companies and if you want to be better with your finances then I’d recommend that you enlist the support of a financial advisor.