Excellent Ideas for Engaging Guests at Your Event

Excellent Ideas for Engaging Guests at Your Event

Organising an event can be as fun as it is stressful and there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration, from the general theme to making sure every diet is catered for (if you are offering food). 

When it comes to your venue, it’s likely you’ve chosen a location based on convenience and available space but sometimes this leaves you with a ‘blank slate’ venue that you can make entirely your own. Some venues don’t allow decoration and rely on the unique features to provide a talking point, while others like The Studios offer a mix of beautiful scenery while allowing you the freedom to make the space your own, just like this conveniently located function room for hire in Nottingham. Whether it’s a wedding or a private party, it’s nice to have control over your hired space and make your guests think ‘wow!’ when they arrive. 

After choosing your colours and making sure you’ve got plenty of seating space available, finding a way to fill some of the remaining space can be a head-scratcher. To provide some inspiration, here are some fantastic decorations and fun entertainment you can provide in your venue space for your guests to enjoy;

Photo Wall with Instant Printer

Recent developments in the photography world has seen the polaroid style camera make a surging return and it’s easy to see why – there is nothing more exciting than being able to take and print a quality picture in the space of a minute! While polaroid-style cameras are still fairly pricey, the cost-effective alternative are ‘micro-printers’ or pocket-sized printers. These specialist printers use an advanced thermal paper to rapidly print colour photos from a connected device. With support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, that means guests can snap some shots on their phone and print them to hang in the provided photo wall space. 

Not only does this engage your guests more with your event but it provides some beautiful candid shots from the heat of the excitement for you to take home and enjoy. 

Guest Book or Message Station

A guest book is a lovely way to keep memories from the experiences of your guests on your special day or event. While a guest book is the traditional method, a large multi-leaf book placed on a table with space for guests to leave a heartfelt message, there are plenty of alternative options for collecting thoughts from your guests. Chalkboards set up on an easel, a canvas with the date of the event or the names of the bride and groom on, small paper scrolls with a styled jug/post box for collecting and even a decorative tree for guests to hang their well-wishes on.

There are plenty of further guest book inspiration to be found online and it’s a fantastic way to receive some sincere messages from those who are nearest and dearest to you. 

Interactive Green Screen

One for the technology lovers, an interactive green screen can be a bit confusing to stumble on at first but once guests get to grips with being able to step into a world of virtual fun, there are plenty of laughs to be had. Get group photos stood on top of a mountain, headshots in front of a company logo and even interact with certain green screen elements and create some memorable VR clips that’ll provide a lifetime of fun memories. 

While green screens can be easily done as a DIY project, you’ll need plenty of lighting and a computer with software that supports chroma keying. To save on additional hassle on an already busy day, we recommend hiring a professional company that offers live green screen services. 

Weddings, parties and celebrations aren’t normally a short affair so providing additional engagements for your guests to enjoy is a sure-fire way to ensure your event goes down a treat!