Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home for the Winter

Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home for the Winter


A chilly house during winter is no fun at all. How can you relax when your home is freezing cold? Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to cozy up your home to get ready for the upcoming cold. Use this advice to get through the winter in one piece.

Take Advantage of the Sun

The sun keeps on shining during the winter. While the sun isn’t as warm this time of year, it’s still bringing in heat every day. With a little planning, you can take advantage of this source of energy. Every morning open up the curtains and drapes in your house. During the day, the sun’s heat will soak into your floors and walls. At night, this heat will come off and make everything feel a bit warmer. Best of all, you’re getting extra heat for free.

Run Ceiling Fans Backwards

Ceiling fans come in handy during the winter as well as the summer. Many fans let you reverse the fan cycle, so they go clockwise. By making this switch, the fan pushes air down. This is helpful because hot air rises and settles by the ceiling. By running your ceiling fans backwards, you’ll push this warm air down to your level where you need it.

Coordinate Your Cooking Schedule with the Family

The oven and stove in your property are both great sources of heat. Every time you cook something up, it will heat up the whole house. You can use this as another way to keep your heating bill lower. Try to cook when most of the family is at home so everyone stays warm without blasting the heating. As an added bonus, everyone will get to enjoy the delicious aroma of your cooking making your house feel even cozier.

Keep Furniture Away from Windows and Walls

The coldest spots in your house are the sections close to a window or wall facing the outdoors. If you have your couch or chairs near these chilly areas, you’re going to feel uncomfortable sitting down and will be tempted to turn up the heat. A smarter approach is to rearrange your furniture so people don’t sit in these areas. During the winter, people will feel more comfortable sitting in the warmer, more central parts of your home.

Keeping your home nice and warm during the winter takes some work but with these easy tips, you should be able to keep the cold at bay.