Three New Places to Visit With Family In 2013

Three New Places to Visit With Family In 2013

holiday to Dubai


This is a blessed country endowed with vast natural and manmade attractions. It makes the perfect family destination as there is something for everyone, from the romantic Taj Mahal, majestic temples, the spectacular Himalayas Mountains to Ayurvedic treatment.

Your family will be delighted by the amazing culture and spirituality of the Indian people: it is an extraordinary place with all kinds of gods!

While there are many places you can visit, Goa is of particular appeal. It is the one of the smaller states in South West of India that borders the Arabian Sea that is very appealing. Visit the ghost city in Goa and experience the mysteries of the past, the abandoned cathedrals and churches are an intriguing door to the magical past. You can take a rejuvenating walk along the balmy shores of the sea as warm sand tickles your toes or enjoy snorkeling in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. There is also affordable accommodation to stay in when you have the whole family, such as the Holiday Inn Goa or Le Meriden if you want to splash out a little. Goa is the perfect spot for a trip to India with the family.


This is an enchanting destination with so much to discover, long meandering history that has left recognizable landmarks. Here tradition meets modern in a most unique and charming way. Lisbon city is a perfect example of this contrasting harmony, the Gothic cathedrals and the majestic monasteries used in the gone centuries and the narrow streets that lead to tiny restaurants where you can enjoy fresh bread.

Perhaps the one thing that attracts visitors to Portugal is its magical sun kissed beaches that keep your family well relaxed and fully entertained. The Cascaise town is a lovely place with pristine beaches, numerous restaurants, and exciting old towns characterized by narrow winding lanes that make you forget the hassle of the huge city streets. Visit the wild gardens, the peculiar museums’ and the lively fish markets: even the most cautious person will be enchanted! Marthinal Resort is also a popular choice with families as it has all the facilities you could want for a baby friendly holiday combined with Portugal’s beautiful weather and lifestyle.


When you think of luxury travel, the first place that should come up is Dubai. Gone are the days when it was a simple desert city with minimum architecture. Today, shimmering malls, luxurious hotels, and exciting shopping experiences await you. Be sure you will spend, but it will be worth the experience.

There is a lot to see and learn on a holiday in Dubai, enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival, take your family to the popular Souks where the aromatic smells of spices will tantalize your senses. The largest gold market is also here so treat your family to a golden holiday.

There are enough places to visit in Dubai: discover the oldest means of transport via water by use of dhows as you cross over the channel to the other side of Dubai; a complete contrast of the modern Dubai. Here the streets are narrow and for a moment take you back in time to when simplicity ruled these sands.

Take a trip to the golden sandy deserts and let your family enjoy aerial view of the sun kissed dunes, oases and if you are lucky catch a glimpse of gazelles and wondering camels. This is a perfect family destination with memorable experiences.

This is a guest post from Tom at Family Holidays Abroad.

Photo Credit: hom26