Easy Solutions to Your Plumbing and Gas Issues

Easy Solutions to Your Plumbing and Gas Issues

Are you sick of leaking pipes and low water pressure? These are the most frequent problems in every household. Many people have come up with exclusively made high-end faucets and quality pipes, but escaping these problems seems impossible. 

Plumbing and gas issues can pop up anytime. Of course, no one’s predicting these out of the blue expenses for getting the plumbing and gas issues repaired. Surprisingly, some of these issues are not technical, which means you can try fixing it yourself. You can learn some of the easy plumbing fixes so that its easier for you to quickly solve any plumbing-related issues that arise in your home.

Here are some DIY(Do it Yourself) easy solutions to your plumbing and gas issues:

1. Unclogging Bathroom Drains


Have you seen water taking ages to drain out from your bathtub? Clogged bathrooms are super annoying since you can’t avoid using it. Many people immediately contact their neighborhood plumber without realizing they can fix these problems on their own and save money.  Although not all plumbing issues can be fixed yourself and in that case, it’s better to contact plumber north shore to fix those issues to avoid any damage. There are several solutions to the monotonous problem of clogged toilets. Usually, hair and soap are behind clogged drains of the bathroom. After all, even in the 21st century, the problem of hair fall remains consistent. Thus, put your skills to use by making a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Put it inside the drain and let it stay overnight to wake up to unclogged drains. 

In cases of serious blockages, you need to do this a couple of times, and for the future, use your bin for disposing of hair. Sometimes, if heaps of hair are stuck, you have to reach out to a plumber and that expense is unavoidable. 


2. Patch Holes on Leaking Pipes 


Leaking pipes can deteriorate your exquisite bathroom hardware in minutes. This is the reason why people don’t waste a minute when it comes to contacting a plumber for fixing this problem. Well, it doesn’t have any high-tech science. You need some time and the right tools to fix the leaking pipe on your own. 

The simplest solution is to replace it with a new pipe. You can head over to a nearby sanitary shop and get your hands on a new pipe. Besides, if you are a stranger to sanitary pipes, give a shot to fixing it only. Grab an epoxy putty, it is available at every general store. Let the pipe dry completely and put a thick layer of it on the leaking area. 

Believe it or not, but it would close doors for all sorts of leakages for some weeks or even months. However, this is just for the time being, you would have to get a new pipe if you witness the pipes leaking again. 


3. Overcoming Dripping Faucets 


The sound of water dripping in the sink can sometimes be very annoying, especially when you are trying to catch up on your sleep, in winters. Usually, it is because the internal pipe has worn out. So you have to begin by removing the upper part of the sink, there you will notice a rubber cap underneath. Now you have to get rid of it and take a look at the water control ball to make sure it in working condition. In the majority of cases, this ball is infected with some holes or rust. You just have to replace this ball with a new one to say goodbye to the everlasting problem of dripping faucets. 


4. Unblocking Jammed Disposals 


If you use garbage disposal then you know how useful it is in the kitchen. But at the same time, you are also aware of the hustle when it gets jammed with all the food waste you put in. It only happens when you end up running it without water, it is bound to get blocked. So, don’t mind hitting up the reset button. The automatic build-in system would pour some water to remove the blockage. 

However, if it doesn’t work, then get ready to put in some elbow grease to fix it. Grab a face mask to block the smell and open up the disposer. Wear gloves and dig out all the garbage from it to overcome the blockage.


5. Fixing the Water Pressure


Sometimes, the water starts coming out in tiny drops from the sink, that too very slowly. This is super frustrating when you are washing your face in the morning and running late for work. Usually, people think their water tank is empty, but that is not the case. There are sudden leakages and clusters of dirt in the pipe, which are altering the water pressure. 

Take a look at your showerhead, remove it from its place to see how dirty it is. Use some vinegar to wipe out all the dirt or anything that has been stuck inside. If you are clueless about the tools, grab some toothpicks or safety pins to poke the dirt out from the tiny holes of the showerhead. 

Moreover, ‘air’ can also block your pipes. If you think that your water tank is empty, and you opened the water tap then all the pipes will get blocked by lots of air. Well, it is quite time-consuming, but you have to keep all your water taps open until the water starts coming out. There won’t be any signs of water for a couple of seconds, but then you would see some dirty water coming out slowly. Eventually, after a few minutes, the water pressure would get back to normal. 


6. Fiddle Your Gas Heater


Have you showered with cold water in the winter? It freezes your body and affects your immune system with a rapid cold after the shower. Well, this happens when your gas heater gives up, leaving you with cold water. You need to hunt for what is wrong with the heater. It could either be some breakage in the pipe or maybe some internal fault.

Take a look at the pilot lights to see if they are working, if they are not, then consider it to be internal damage. So it’s better to contact a professional to deal with this situation. Besides, if it is something wrong with the temperature levels, then you can try adjusting them to make it work. 

7. Grab a Plunger 



It is never too late to get your hands on some handy tools. Most, houses have plungers in it since it is the key to unclogging drains, toilets, and sinks too. So, rather than bugging a plumber for a clogged toilet, just grab the plunger and start plunging the toilet. Ensure to have enough water to get rid of the blockage properly. 

Also, don’t forget to wear gloves to keep your hands clean. Similarly, for clogged kitchen sinks, you can use a plunger too. However, if it fails to work, don’t mind giving a shot to the plumber’s snake since it’s quite effective too. 


Many people don’t give importance to learning easy and quick fixes to the plumbing and gas problems they encounter in their homes. Although such people don’t realize how much money they are wasting on getting the repairs done through a professional, which they can easily do themselves. After all, it just requires some time and the right tools to fix the plumbing and gas related issues. You have to equip yourself with basic techniques, and you are good to go. Hopefully, the solutions listed above will help you in sorting out plumbing and gas issues in your home.