Don’t Leave All the Protection Down to Him… Ensure Your Home and Save Today!

Don’t Leave All the Protection Down to Him… Ensure Your Home and Save Today!

School fees paid? Check. Family shopping done? Check. Home Insurance sorted? …If the answer is ‘yes’ then well done but for the ladies who answered ‘no’ then put the kettle on and read on to discover why protecting your home is so important!

Why protect your home?


With cleanliness next to godliness, protection of your home and family’s belongings must be not that far of spiritual righteousness. We all have rainy days but sometimes it can really pour and in these situations we may find ourselves facing expensive bills to get our homes back on track.

Companies such More Than offer competitive quotes on home insurance so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune to get protected. More Than home insurance is affordable and convenient so you can get the level of cover you need without emptying your wallet in the process!

Is it really necessary?


For those who think home insurance is a luxury rather than an essential, just take a look at this article on Property Wire. According to their report, which quoted the results of a survey of British homeowners, more than 2 million Brits have damaged their homes as a result of bodged DIY projects.

In total, these mistakes have cost homeowners around £67 million with one in ten claiming on their home insurance to recoup their losses and prevent them from being left out of pocket. While we know that women are just as capable as men when it comes to DIY in the home, we also know that not everyone can complete jobs to a professional level so it’s worth getting the experts in and checking your insurance policy in case you still need to make a claim.

DIY projects you should be especially cautious of, according to the research, are:

Painting and decorating – something one third (32%) of people struggled with

Applying sealant around baths or showers – a problem for one fifth of people (18%)

Tiling – the bugbear of 16%

Plastering – a stumbling block in 13% of cases

Filling a wall crack or hole – a struggle for 12% of people

It’s important to remember that not all damage that can be caused in the home is cosmetic though. While this was cited by 49% of homeowners in the survey mentioned above, water damage (26%) and electrical faults (16%) were also a by-product of bad DIY.

By taking the protection of your home into your own hands with home insurance you could therefore prevent more costly mistakes arising from interior design projects or unexpected events of freak weather or even burglary.