DIY Dad Gifts: Socks Won’t Cut it for the Workshed Warrior

DIY Dad Gifts: Socks Won’t Cut it for the Workshed Warrior


Photo by CC user Hamza Butt on Flickr.

Dads tend to be easy to buy gifts for. Whatever the occasion, there are few fussy tastes to worry about. This is no reason to not aim to delight.

If you believe that your father could love working with his hands or making things on his own, it’s an observation that opens up many gifting possibilities. Even if you aren’t aware of a particular preference for DIY, you should still consider giving it a shot. Many of the ideas on this list are easy to like.

Try a portable fan

Whether your dad likes to work on the car out on the driveway or on woodwork projects in the garage, a small fan that can be carried around can be wonderful to have. If your dad doesn’t own one already, a quality, quiet fan can make for a very thoughtful gift. It could be the plug-in kind, or something with a rechargeable battery built in. It could make his life easier.

A DIY kite kit could be a hit

Kites aren’t just toys, and they aren’t just for children. Complex designs exist that take a surprising amount of skill to build and fly. These can fully engage the adult mind. No matter whom you’re buying a gift for, kites are worth a try.

A DIY drone kit could be exciting

UAVs are all the rage now, and even if your dad has never talked about them, getting one could still be on his mind. While you could buy a fully built unit, it would be more exciting to give your father a chance to build one with his own hands. DIY drone kits start at around £100 at stores like Unmanned Tech, and go all the way up to £1,000. You could also consider a DIY robotics kit.

It’s hard not to like DIY craft beer

Craft beer brewed at home is nothing like the moonshine that college students make in their bathtubs. It is a quality beverage, and it takes skill to make. For those who enjoy a good brew and appreciate the idea of being creative, a craft beer kit can make an excellent gift. A great brew after a hot day’s work can hit the spot. These kits are inexpensive.

A cocktail kit can be meaningful, too

Britain has fallen in love with the cocktail, and it’s a very popular hobby to turn bartender in your own home. If your dad isn’t already experimenting, a DIY cocktail kit could get him started. Kit subscriptions by vendors such as Tipple Box, Taste Cocktails and Craft Gin Club go for anything from £20 to £50, and can be an easy way to get started.

Finding a gift takes time. It’s important to start by thinking about the person that you’re buying for. You need to dig deep for every memory that may tell you which way to go. It’s the thought that makes a gift hit home. The ideas here are a good place to start.

Amber Stone shares a passion for DIY with her husband. A mom of two she works from home out of the garage which is now her home office / studio. On weekends the couple will usually be found working on their latest home DIY project.