Current curtain and drape trends to know about

Current curtain and drape trends to know about

Curtain and drape trends are moving away from boring styles, like this setup

Photo by CC user 34107995@N00 on Flickr

Choosing window coverings isn’t just about giving those within your home privacy from passersby, it is also a canvas that you can use to make an artistic statement in your home.

If you are looking to get some new curtains and drapes in the near future, here are some trends that you should know about in order to choose a model that adequately expresses your inner muse.

1) Blue is the new red

A majority of homeowners use neutral colors in their living spaces; this creates an opening for a smart choice in drapery that can create an artsy focal point that will get your guests talking.

For the past few years, red and its associated shades had been the go-to for curtain shoppers that were looking to make a fashion statement in their living rooms, but in 2016, blue has become more popular.

If you are looking to seize on this trend, there are numerous ocean-type hues to pick from out there. Whether you opt for a rich blue, or roman shades in teals or other lighter shades, you’ll be picking a style that will take your main interior living space from boring to exciting in a single curtain hanging.

2) Don’t be afraid to spend more on your window coverings

Want to make your home truly feel like your castle? Don’t get stuck in the pattern of seeking out the cheapest curtains and drapes that look decent. Instead, move up a couple of price tiers and look at models that look luxurious by comparison.

Seek out window treatments made from luxe fabrics such as silk, suede, velvet and even leather. It may be a departure from what you are used to, but the difference that it will make in the reactions that you’ll get from guests will make this investment well worth the upfront expense.

3) Be bold

If springing for the previously mentioned fabrics is something that you just can’t do right now, then consider purchasing a set of curtains or drapes with a bold pattern/design is a viable alternative.

Combined with a bright color scheme, the right selection will make the statement that you want to communicate to any friends that you are entertaining.

If you are unsure which pattern will work best with your current setup, try hiring an interior designer, as this will give you the insight that you’ll need in order to make a choice that you’ll be happy with over the long term.