Create More Sleeping Space in Your RV

Create More Sleeping Space in Your RV

You knew that you’d have to be careful about how much stuff you brought into your RV, but one thing you might not have considered is where everyone was going to sleep and now you’ve run out of room. So, the next time you’re laying on your RV mattress with one or two of the kids, and you wish you had one of your own, think about the following ways to create more sleeping space in your RV.

Air Mattresses

Not everyone has to have a bed that is attached to the RV. An air mattress can be an excellent solution to creating more sleeping space. After all, you aren’t going to be using the middle of the living area during the night, so why not add an air mattress for a kid or two? In fact, they might even think it’s a lot of fun sleeping on the “ground” and might consider it an experience that is much more similar to camping than sleeping on the pull-out couch or bunk bed.

The best part about an air mattress is that they take up very little room when they’re deflated. You can store the mattress under the RV or even in a closet. Of course, you’ll have to deflate it every morning to ensure you have enough living space during the day, but it’s a small price to pay to get your own bed every night.

Cots and Collapsible Bunk Beds

Another way to add additional beds in the living space of an RV is to use cots or collapsible bunk beds. These are not as comfortable as an air mattress might be, but they are much easier to take down in the morning and put up at night. You simply unfold them and voila, you have extra beds. These are also often fun sleeping arrangements for kids who like to sleep on beds that are not the same as their regular beds at home.

Collapsible bunk beds are wonderful for families with multiple children. You take advantage of the vertical space in your RV by adding two beds that only take up the space of one. Certainly, you’ll want to make sure the child who sleeps in the top bunk doesn’t roll around a lot because you don’t want them to fall out of bed, but if you have a sound sleeper who isn’t a thrasher, this would be a perfect solution.

Fold-Out Chairs

If you have space in your RV for a chair, consider one that folds out like a recliner. This can provide an extra sleeping space for either a child or an adult. The advantage of choosing a fold-out chair instead of a cot, collapsible bunk bed, or air mattress is that you don’t have to put the chair away the next morning. You simply fold it up and now it’s a regular chair that anyone can sit in. It’s actually a great way to get extra seating space as well as extra sleeping space.


It’s never fun to find out you don’t have enough beds for everyone in your RV, especially if you haven’t thought about it until you’re already on the road or getting ready for bed in the middle of nowhere. You might have to share your bed for one night, but now you know how to get extra sleeping space for tomorrow.