Choosing The Perfect Home Theater Seating

Choosing The Perfect Home Theater Seating

If you’re a movie enthusiast, you would want a good and comfortable theatre room where you can enjoy your movies. But before you start furnishing your theater room, you should know that every theater space is unique. 

As such, you must find the right combinations of lounges and sofa for your home. Home theatre furniture is meant to enhance your viewing experience; therefore, it should be of maximum comfort. 

Find seats with extra features like cup holders, lighting, vibration, motorized headrests, and more. In this article, we will discuss a few key factors that will help you find the ideal power reclining home theater seating for your entertainment room.

  • Pricing

Before you decide to purchase any item, have a budget. The price of these seats varies depending on the quality of the material. 

High-end seating will have high-quality material but are quite expensive. Lower-end seaters on the other hand are cheaper but of lower quality. 

However, if you’re just planning to entertain your family members, lower-end seating will do. If status is what you’re looking for or you’re planning on hosting a huge crowd, your budget must be a little more flexible.

  • Size of your theater

Knowing the size of your theater is also very important. Measure and determine how much space you will be working with. 

Mostly, home theater rooms should be huge and spacious to accommodate the seats and to create a comfy feeling while watching. The distance between the seats should be at least 18″-24″ minimum. 

The size and shape of the seats also matter as they impact the overall layout. Large chairs are okay but may take up more space. Similarly, don’t forget to factor in things like columns, doorways racks, and closets among others.

  • Number of people you want to accommodate

You will need a large space to accommodate a huge crowd. Theater seating with aisles is ideal for large spaces. However, if you intend on hosting a few people or your room is smaller there is a way you can arrange your chairs to make them fit. 

An arrangement of 2-4 chairs around your room will be a good idea for a smaller room. Still, know the number of people you are planning to accommodate before choosing your chairs to avoid wasting time and money. Read more tips here 

  • Accessories

Accessories are very important when choosing home theater seats. Besides reclining and footrests, consider seats that have storage compartments, tray tables, lighted cupholders, USB ports for charging your devices, iPad mounts, heat, and massage among others. 

Some seats are fitted with motion simulators, to add a little motion into the overall experience. While accessories are entirely optional, they can aid in providing a premium viewing experience and improve your overall comfort. You may also include footstools or ottomans for kids and pets to seat on.

  • Theater seating comfort

The chairs you opt for should be ultimately sturdy and comfortable. If what you want is to get cozy with your spouse, a sectional sofa would be a perfect option. 

You may also opt for a high-quality leather recliner if you prefer seating alone. If you have kids, we recommend a home theater lounger built to their size. 

Basically, the comfort level in a personal theater room narrows down to a personal preference. Some home theater enthusiasts will even include love seats for a more intimate watching experience. 

  • Style and decor

Just like any other furniture, home theater chairs come in different finishes, upholstery, and colors. Most theater chairs are made of leather or vinyl material. Leather chairs are durable and stain-resistant. 

They are also considered the most expensive option. Still, you can combine leather and vinyl, so you have the look minus the expense. When choosing home theater furniture, looks are very important. 

You want something that matches your home décor and improves the look of your home. Whatever the choice you make, make sure you know how t take care of your specific seat.

  • cover material

The main materials used to make theater furniture include fabric, faux leather, and leather. The type of material you choose can impact your comfortability. 

Leather is warm, good-looking, and long-lasting. Faux or man-made leather is also tough but more affordable than authentic leather. Fabrics on the other hand are easier to clean and maintain and would make ideal options for those with kids and pets. 

This material also comes in multiple colors meaning you can easily choose something that blends with your décor. Click here to read more.


You can make your home theater room complete by adding seating that compliments your lifestyle, décor, and home size. First things first, evaluate your entertainment needs and make sure you have the right budget to avoid impulse buying. Whether you opt for cushy seating or back support, a good home theater can make every viewing fun and memorable.