Choosing a Career? What Does Success Mean to You?

Choosing a Career? What Does Success Mean to You?

If you are in the process of choosing a career then this is one of the most important times in your life, we’re not just talking about school leaver who are about to embark on a career but also those looking to switch their day job for something more rewarding. Many people fail to see the important part of choosing a career and skip straight to what fruits they want to see for their labor. The important part when it comes to a career or a job is the day-to-day, how happy you will be, working on a job that matches your character and your skills and one that will leave you feeling rewarded.

Success is the one thing that most people want from their career and this can come in many different forms, today we’re going to take a look at different measures of success and what they may mean to you.


Money and Lifestyle

For many success means high salary and a lifestyle to match, some want the fast cars, the gadgets and the grand homes that money can bring. In order to achieve this kind of success then you will naturally have to choose a career path that has a high salary at the end of it. Looking at a software engineer salary, this can be one of the career options you want to pursue especially if coding and software development interests you.


Those with born leadership skills want a job that allows them to wield power, usually these types of jobs come later on down the career path after you have climbed the ladder a little bit. If power is what you are after then you should be looking towards management roles or alternatively, starting your own business. In order to gain the power which you seek it is important that you can show your leadership skills in every aspect of your job, regardless of what level you are. People don’t suddenly become great leaders or powerful people once they are given a position which allows them to do so, the most powerful people exhibit these kinds of characteristics in all areas of their careers, this is what puts them in the position of power in the first place.


Many view a successful career as one that will reward them, not financially but personally. Medical professionals for example may well be able to count on their salary being strong but the majority of them love their profession because they can feel a great sense of satisfaction in what they do for a living. Finding this kind of career isn’t always about money and you should carefully weigh up what it is that would make you happy, or rewarded within your job. The sense of satisfaction that you will feel depends on what type of character you have and if feeling a sense of personal reward and satisfaction is your idea of success when it comes to a career then there are lots of options available to you.