Helpful Tips on Caring for Water Filters

Helpful Tips on Caring for Water Filters

By Caring for Water Filters properly, you can keep your tap water crystal clear

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Water filters, no matter how awesome they are at providing you with safe drinkable water, will still need maintenance. They will eventually clog causing them to be less effective at killing those small microscopic crawlers that could harm your health.

So what does one need to do when it comes to caring for water filters? If you notice it’s becoming difficult to pump, that’s a sign that you need to clean it. Some contaminants could have already been trapped at the filter pores while others could adhere to the surface of the filter media. And the more the filter is filled and absorbed with contaminants, the more difficult it is for water to move through the filter. Not only does this make your water filter inefficient, it also poses a health risk for the people who drink from the water filter in your home.

You may not notice this right away since the flow rate of the water does not slow down dramatically. It’s always good to check every once in a while.

There are some basic steps that you can follow on the manufacturer’s manual for caring and maintaining your water filter but you may want to also utilize the tips we have outlined below to help you maintain water filters that you can use for many years.

  1. You will most likely be able to drink about 100 gallons of water through your water filter before it needs to be changed.

  1. If you notice that your filter is becoming difficult to pump, open it and scrub the insides with a new, unused toothbrush. You can also immerse it in clean water and rinse it gently. Make sure to use clean tap water when rinsing.

  1. If your water filter has a pre-filter with it, use it. It’s very helpful in capturing large debris in water before entering the main filter. If it doesn’t have a pre-filter, you can take advantage of other materials such as a coffee filter or a clean shirt.

  1. Depending on your filter, you can backwash it by removing the intake hose and reattaching it to the filter outlet. Pump water and it should send clean water through the filter removing any debris that’s clogging it up. Sanitize the filter using a solution mix of one capful of bleach to one quart of water. Pump the solution through the filter, rinse it again with water, and let it dry before using it again.

  1. Be gentle with your filter. If you drop it on the ground, make sure to check the insides to see if it has developed small cracks. Microorganisms can easily pass through these cracks without you even noticing it.

  1. Replace your filter to the recommended number of times on the manufacturer’s manual. Filter cartridges come in different sizes so make sure to replace yours with one that fits your water filter. Even a small size difference could mean water going around the cartridge rather than through it. It could also affect how effectively your filter removes impurities in the water. So make sure that the filter cartridge you replace your filter with is in the right size and is certified. Your manufacturer should be able to supply you with one that is the same exact size as your old filter cartridge.

Make sure to follow these tips so you are able to maintain clean, safe, drinkable water in your home. Should you have any doubts, you can always contact a qualified professional who can clean your water filter for you or bring you the right filter cartridge to replace your old one with.

Did you have any other hacks for cleaning your home water filter system? Let us know in the comments.