Can a Hit and Run Change Your Life?

Can a Hit and Run Change Your Life?

If you are fortunate, you will never have to deal with a hit and run auto accident in your years of driving.

With that in mind, what could happen to you if you are not so fortunate? Yes, what could be your fate if in such an accident?

From injuries to losing your vehicle and more, a hit and run can be quite traumatic.

What Should You Do When Such an Event Occurs?

If you do end up in a hit and run, these are the things to focus on immediately and moving ahead:

1. Your physical well-being – Your health comes first. That said make sure you are okay after such an accident. Some injuries do not always show themselves right away. If medical personnel are called to the scene, let them check you out. In the event they do not come, it would be smart to get checked out on your own sooner than later. You do not want something like a concussion or worse causing you problems hours or even a few days later. Also take a look at your mental well-being. It can be upsetting to be in such an incident for most people. Take time to process what happened and if you are okay through it all.

2. Finding out who the driver was – You also of course want to find out who it was that hit you. If you or an eyewitness caught the license plate and make of the vehicle, you are off to a good start. From there and once you get the chance, you could go online and do some investigating. The key is to do a California license plate check or check of the state the plate is from. This can allow you to find out more about the vehicle and the hope too is the driver and their locale. Of most importance, do not take matters into your own hands. That means turn over any info you get to law enforcement. While you are likely mad and frustrated; do not become vindictive. That is to where you get yourself in trouble or worse.

3. How did your vehicle hold up? – One question you will need to answer is how your vehicle held up through it all. Some hit and run accidents are of a less intense magnitude. As such, the damage may be minimal at worse. On the flip side, it could have been rather serious. If so, you may have to move on to get another auto before too long. While you presumably have insurance, you want to not rush into any settlements. Take the time to process all that happened before agreeing to and signing any paperwork.

4. Getting back to driving – Yes, it can be a little intimidating to get back behind the wheel again after a hit and run. That said you will need to do so at some point. Take your time to get to the point where you will feel confident again driving.

When you’ve been a hit and run victim, how might it change your way of life moving ahead?