Bon Appetite: 5 Gift Ideas for Foodies

Bon Appetite: 5 Gift Ideas for Foodies

Walk into any kitchen or department store and you’ll find rows and rows of kitchen items. But what does the foodie in your life really want?

Gift ideas for foodies can span from the practical to the indulgent. Food-themed gifts come in a range of prices to fit your budget.

If your favorite foodie has enough kitchen gear, consider experience gifts related to cooking. It’s a fun way to fit the food theme without adding more clutter to your friend’s kitchen.

If you’re stuck on foodie gift ideas, keep reading to explore our ideas. 

1. Gourmet Ingredients

For the foodie who loves to cook at home, load up on gourmet ingredients to take those meals over the top. Infused oils and salts offer a versatile ingredient option that any home chef can use.

Or give an ingredient gift that keeps giving with a potted herb set or similar gifts. One creative option is a mushroom log. Home chefs can grow their own mushrooms on the log right in their home, making it both a conversation piece and a convenient source of ingredients.

2. Private Chef Experience

Book a private chef experience to give your favorite foodie the night off from cooking. An experience gift is the perfect solution for the foodie who already has everything. It’s also ideal if you don’t really know what the person wants or needs.

Why does the chef experience make a good foodie gift? Your foodie friend gets to chat with a professional chef during dinner prep and possibly learn some new techniques. Plus, it’s a chance for the foodie and family to savor gourmet food without the work.

Private chefs often offer gift certificates for their services. This allows the recipient to pick all of the details while you sit back and pat yourself on the back for your perfect gift selection.

3. Cooking Classes

Another experience gift option is a cooking class. Foodies who love to cook probably don’t need basic cooking classes. Look for something unique, such as a sushi-making class or a cake decorating class.

Consider your friend’s areas of cooking expertise. Think about what types of food the person likes to eat but doesn’t cook at home. Use that information to pick a cooking class that fits the recipient.

4. Tools of the Trade

Your foodie friend probably has all of the basic kitchen tools. Upgrade the cooking experience with advanced kitchen tools. That might include specialty tools, appliances, or accessories.

This gift option works best when you know what your favorite foodie already owns. You can get something new or something that complements other gear for a gift the person truly loves.

5. Decorative Items

Does your foodie recipient love to throw a good dinner party? Decorative kitchen, dining, and serving pieces add something extra to the next entertaining opportunity. 

Some ideas include:

  • Cloth napkins
  • Candles
  • Centerpieces
  • Seasonal table settings
  • Decorative serving platters and bowls
  • Placecard holders
  • Menu boards
  • Cheeseboards

Consider the type of parties the recipient usually throws and the person’s overall style to help pick ideal options.

Find Gift Ideas for Foodies

Keeping the foodie in your life happy can be as simple as choosing the best gift ideas for foodies. Consider what aspects of the foodie lifestyle your friend enjoys most to narrow down the gift options. Check out our Cooking section to find more ideas for yourself or your foodie friends.