Backflow FAQs

Backflow FAQs

Located in the broader Chicago metro area, Naperville is a prime location to enjoy the many exciting opportunities the greater Chicago area offers for both relaxation and your career. As a homeowner in this desirable part of the country, you want to ensure your residence is in top condition. Regular maintenance and upkeep can help your home last longer and provide you the comfort you expect. One part of maintenance not to overlook is your plumbing and Naperville Backflow Testing is an important part of regular plumbing system maintenance.

Causes of Backflow

Backflow commonly occurs due to two root causes. The first of these is back-siphonage where contaminated water is sucked into an existing water system. Often, this is caused by damaged valves and other plumbing issues in need of repair. The other common cause of backflow is back pressure. Back pressure occurs when wastewater that is normally pushed away from a water system (such as a home) is pushed back into the freshwater sources due to issues with water pressure. Common sources of this water pressure problem include pump issues or issues with heating and boiler systems.

Preventing Backflow

When you need to address backflow, there are many solutions. Some of these solutions are non-mechanical in nature, while other backflow prevention devices are mechanical, adjusting water pressure and ensuring wastewater is pumped away from your residence. While these solutions can help keep your home’s water safe when installed by a professional, no solution is completely effective at all times or free from possible repair needs in the future. Regular backflow testing can tell you if your home’s water supply is free from pollution and that your preventative measures and prevention systems are operating as they should. Commonly, it is advised you get backflow inspections done yearly. This ensures that you are always aware of the condition of your home’s water and that any repair needs can be detected early and properly repaired by a professional.

The Value of Hiring a Professional

Backflow testing can only be provided by a properly licensed professional. This is important because it both ensures you meet all local requirements for testing and also that the job is done correctly. A professional can quickly detect if you have any backflow problems causing your home’s water to become contaminated. If you do have backflow, repairs can be made to address existing plumbing problems leading to backflow and a prevention system can be installed to prevent such issues from occurring in the future.

Final Thoughts

If you detect signs of backflow in your home, you should contact a licensed professional as soon as possible. Signs you have issues with backflow can include noticeable water discoloration, leaks from devices attached to your home’s water system, and the fact it’s been over a year since your last professional test. Backflow is a serious problem as it exposes you and your family to contaminated water which can cause illnesses, can severely damage your home’s water system, and could contaminate the water in your general area. A professional can effectively correct any backwater problems you are encountering.