A Snack You Can Love: 7 Benefits of Eating Beef Jerky

A Snack You Can Love: 7 Benefits of Eating Beef Jerky

Looking for a great snack to bring to the gym? Do you want something to eat while on a strict diet?

Why not go for a pack of beef jerky?

Some people might scoff at the idea of chowing down beef jerky while on a diet. They simply don’t understand the benefits of eating beef jerky!

Is beef jerky healthy for you? How can it help you lose weight or power through exhausting routines at the gym?

We’re here to lay it out for you. Read on below to discover the different benefits of beef jerky:

1. Filled with Protein

One of the most prevalent things people praise about beef jerky is its high protein content. Most beef jerky ads highlight this but are these factual?

Fortunately, beef jerky does have a lot of protein. According to the USDA, 100g of beef jerky contains approximately 33.2g of protein.

Keep in mind that for most people, 75-112g of protein is all they need to get through a day. People trying to lose weight need more, approximately 90-150g of protein per day. This is because people losing weight exert more effort exercising and need more energy to power through.

Beef jerky can provide that energy.

2. Boosts Your Immune System

Beef jerky isn’t only for people going to the gym. One of the most crucial benefits of eating beef jerky is that it boosts your immune system. Yes, not only does beef jerky provide energy but it also keeps you from getting sick or too exhausted, which is great for people working out a lot.

It achieves this by providing both iron and zinc.

Iron helps the body to produce red cells. Muscles need oxygen to function and to keep your metabolism up. Without enough iron, you won’t be able to burn fat efficiently and you’ll get exhausted.

Zinc, on the other hand, focuses on healing the body. Each time you work out, you stretch and tear through your muscles. It’s zinc’s role to heal those muscles, making them stronger for the next round of exercises.

3. Doesn’t Raise Insulin Levels

When people think of meat, they often associate it with fats and weight gain. However, beef jerky is one of the few snacks that doesn’t encounter this issue.

How is this possible?

First, beef jerky doesn’t contain high amounts of preservatives. Most beef jerky products, particularly all-natural and organic ones, don’t contain anything other than salt to preserve the meat. Without preservatives, you don’t have to worry about high insulin levels in your blood.

Insulin signals the body to store fat. If beef jerky doesn’t increase insulin, it, therefore, doesn’t cause your body to gain weight.

Of course, you must look at it more than at face value. Anything with too much salt content isn’t healthy and therefore you should still regulate how much beef jerky you eat.

4. Less Fat

What about the meat itself? People stay away from bacon and pork grind because these food products contain a large amount of fat. The good news is that beef jerky doesn’t contain that much fat.

Remember this important detail: beef jerky is, at its core, dried meat. The process of making jerky removes most of the fat within the meat. The process also removes most of the moisture, which explains the tough texture of jerky.

Most – but not all – jerky products are 97% fat-free. This differs from case to case so make sure to read the nutrition facts of your favorite jerky product. Try to stay away from expensive, commercial beef jerky because those might contain preservatives and more fat content.

Since you get more protein than you do fat per serving of jerky, this should be one of your go-to snacks. Let’s dive into that a bit deeper.

5. Great In-Between Snack

If you need to go on a diet, one of the main obstacles is watching how often you eat.

A popular method nowadays is to still eat three main meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) but cut down on the serving size. Think you’ll get hungry? The secret is to throw in a snack a few hours after each one.

This method ensures you won’t feel hungry. People often throw their diet out the window once they feel hungry. Cut down on serving size but keep the food coming every few hours.

With that in mind, beef jerky is a great in-between snack! It’s meat so you’ll feel full and satisfied. Yes, it does contain some salt but that’s nothing a glass of water can’t remedy.

6. Longevity

If beef jerky only uses salt as a natural preservative, won’t it spoil? Can beef jerky go bad?

The process of making jerky removes most of the moisture in the meat. This is a crucial detail because, without moisture, bacteria won’t grow. This prolongs the life of the meat.

Packaged, unsealed jerky can last up to 2 years. Once opened, you should consume it within a week or two. You could prolong its shelf life by keeping the jerky in the freezer, but this alters the taste.

7. Convenient Gym Snack

Jerky isn’t limited to in-between snacks. It’s an ideal snack at the gym.

As mentioned, it contains a lot of lean protein, iron, and zinc. It doesn’t have that much fat and the mere fact that it is meat guarantees you only need to eat a few strips to feel full.

Being a great gym snack is a good reason to sign up for a beef jerky subscription. Signing up ensures you get all the jerky you need to fit your gym schedule and other physical activities.

Enjoy the Benefits of Eating Beef Jerky!

Why wait? Enjoy the benefits of eating beef jerky today! It’s the ideal choice to stay full, lose weight, and have enough energy for more physical adventures.

But don’t stop with beef jerky. If you’re looking for more great tips and nutritional guides, stick around and read our other articles.