A Parent’s Guide to the Best Private Schools in Florida

A Parent’s Guide to the Best Private Schools in Florida

Ensuring your child receives the best education starts at home. Taking the time to educate them before they attend school will prepare them. Plus singing the alphabet song and teaching your son or daughter to count to 20 makes life long memories.

But not all schools are equal whether they are public or private. Sometimes a school has classes and activities that better suit your child’s needs.

Before booking a tour, sit back, and learn about the best private schools jacksonville fl. Then decide which institution is the right choice. You’ll be thankful you did.

What Is A Private School?

A private school is a school supported or funded by a private organization or private individuals instead of the government, according to the Oxford Dictionary.

Private institutions in the United States range from elementary, middle, high schools to colleges and vocational schools, says Teach.com.

Some private schools are Catholic, offer on-campus living accommodations like a boarding school, or provide a military education.

With so many options, it can seem overwhelming to decide what school your child should attend. But ith the compiled information below, you can read the pros and cons of some of the top schools in Florida.

What Are The Best Private Schools In Florida?

Private schools come in a variety of sizes. Some schools focus on liberal arts such as music or dance, while others focus on religion as the basis of their coursework and mission statement.

If your local public schools don’t offer what you need, then searching for a private institution may be the best option.

1. Pine Crest School Fort Lauderdale

The Pine Crest School offers classes in grades PK through 12th. The student-teacher ratio is 8 to 1, allowing teachers to develop a rapport with their pupils and watch their progress or difficulties.

The tuition is $33,500 per year. But the competitive atmosphere, exceptional curriculum, immaculate but safe campus, and well-rounded athletics and arts program make the cost worth it.

If your son or daughter wants to stay active throughout the summer, Pine Crest has camps for students PK through 12th.

To learn more about this institution contact Pine Crest School.

2. American Heritage School – Plantation Campus

The American Heritage School Plantation Campus draws in visitors with its beautiful brick building and lush campus. The student-teacher ratio is 5 to 1, which promotes an efficient learning environment.

The yearly tuition rate is $30,720. But if you want a great school for kids in grades PK3-12th, then American Heritage School might be right.

The curriculum includes the traditional subjects of English, Science, and Mathematics. The supplemental courses include Chinese, Spanish, Physical Education, and investigative science Lab for Grades 1-6. Students in Middle School may take some of the same classes, but they have the option of completing Honors courses. The high school students may partake in pre-med, pre-law, biomedical engineering and engineering.

For students excited about learning American Heritage School Plantation Campus will not disappoint them.

3. Canterbury School St Petersburg

The Canterbury School St Petersburg encourages its students to step out of their comfort zone while they seek knowledge. The student-teacher ratio is 8 to 1, which is low enough to allow both students and teachers to work together.

The estimated yearly tuition is $24,500, but prices vary depending on the grade level of the pupil. The Lower School program focuses on developing compassion, respect, and confidence. Pupils take part in public speaking, theatrical productions, and presentations. Spanish gets introduced to the PK3 classes too.

Middle School students learn personal growth skills through cultural diversity and public speaking. Students can take Honors and Advanced level courses in Mathematics, World Languages, and Applied Technology too.

The High School students continue crafting their analytical skills to problem solve. A small senior class of 47 students during the 2018-2019 school year enabled a functional and engaging learning environment. Preparing for college gets achieved through 20 Advanced Placement courses.

If you seek academics, art, sports, and community involvement, then try the Canterbury School St. Petersburg.

To learn more about the Canterbury School St Petersburg, please visit the website.

4. NSU University School

The NSU University School has an exceptional Performing Arts Program. Focusing on shaping the personalities of their young scholars, NSU is a unique institution.

The yearly tuition is $28,250, but since the school provides a student-teacher ratio of 7 to 1, it’s an excellent investment. The teachers work hard to ensure their pupils receive the best education.

The school educates students from PK through 12th grade. NSU offers many diverse programs such as Bridges Program, College Counseling, Experimental Learning, International Students, and Student Travel Opportunities.

The list of programs is not exhaustive. To learn more about the NSU University School contact them.

5. Berkeley Preparatory School

At the Berkeley Preparatory School, your child will learn academics, self-improvement, and ways to contribute to the world within a safe and sprawling campus. Founded in the mission of the Episcopal Church, this institution ensures a balanced mixture of academic and spiritual life.

Berkeley Prep offers challenging courses for students grades PreK through 12th for $25,640 per year.

Berkeley Preparatory prepares pupils to enter into the world as influential leaders who want to make a difference. With a large assortment of clubs, athletics, and art activities, your child will excel in this nurturing environment.

The Berkeley Preparatory School is a top school and will prepare your child for excelling in youth through adulthood.

Don’t Settle For Less Than The Best

The best private schools in Florida are always improving their services to ensure students are well-rounded. If a specific school on the list interests you then contact them. Don’t miss out on the scholastic opportunities awaiting.

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