7 Reasons Why Homes with Timber Floors are the Happiest

7 Reasons Why Homes with Timber Floors are the Happiest

Are you thinking about installing a Timber Flooring, but you are just not sure? Timber flooring can be expensive, but it gives you more benefits as compared to other forms of flooring.  Here is a list of benefits of timber flooring that will help you choose the best for you.

Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  1. Last for Decades- High-Quality timber floors Last longer, they are durable, made from a sustainable resource and have a minimal maintenance program. Whereas a carpet gets hole, stains, or shabbiness from everyday wear and tear and requires high maintenance.
  2. Easy to Clean- If dogs or children in your house drag mud through the house, it is definitely a situation that no one wants. However, when you have a timber floor, it becomes easier to clean or remove that mud with a damp mop. Whereas a carpet cleaning requires high technology equipment and solutions for deep cleaning. So, investing in a timber floor can save you from spending extra bucks in future.
  3. More Hygienic- In timber flooring, it is easy to spot spills, stain, pet hair or debris, which makes it even easier to clean and wipe more often than carpet and leave your floor shining and aromatic. On the other hand, carpet can easily harbour parasites, dust mites, fleas and unpleasant odours from animals or things, which can trigger allergies or discomfort. Save yourself from wasting money and extreme discomfort by choosing timber flooring.
  4. Underfloor Heating– Timber is considered as the best flooring to use with underfloor heating. It is a good conductor of heat which is why it performs well with the changing floor temperature and adjust to the changing moisture content.
  5. Less Expensive- Damaged and Scratched timber floor can be easily brought back to new again by applying simple sand and seal or sanding and polishing floorboards you do not have to install a new one again and again. Whereas some people may find them replacing their carpets after every 5 years, which is costly than timber flooring.
  6. Timeless Appeal- One of the major benefits of timber flooring is that it not only enhances the beauty of your house but also has the timeless appeal which can’t never go out of fashion like other forms such as carpet, linoleum and tile patterns. It is more popular and lasts than decades.
  7. Available to all Budgets- Timber was always considered an option only to the wealthy people. But now things have changed, modern production has made it possible to provide affordable timber flooring that fits all budget.

Conclusion- The Warmth and Feel that timber floor gives, you cannot get it from stone or tile floors. There is no doubt that timber flooring adds the value to your property which is why this kind of houses sell twice as easily compared to properties with other floor finishes.

The most important factor is that timber flooring gives you lot of benefits over other forms of flooring. It may be little costly but are extremely beneficial and economical in the long run. Before you choose, flooring think carefully because flooring affects your health, time, money, aesthetics and value of your home.

Whether you are Looking to renovate your house or want to sell, always hire someone who is experienced, trusted and professionals. Make sure to go through their customer reviews as it will give you the idea about the kind of services they are providing.

If you think we missed out on something or you have some suggestions or tips. Please write us in the comment section below.