6 Tips For Quick And Successful Spring Cleaning

6 Tips For Quick And Successful Spring Cleaning

With flowers blooming in your backyard and birds serenading, it is time for spring. You may be ready to welcome spring but does your house still feel like it is stuck with the winter blues? It could be time for spring cleaning. It is a tradition that allows you to freshen up the home and get a kickstart on the hectic seasons of the summer and spring. It may feel like a daunting task but it need not be difficult. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help with quick spring cleaning.

1. Divide the house

If you start cleaning the home randomly, it could feel daunting and tiring. Hence, approach your house one room at a time. It is the best way to deep clean the house. To quicken the process, you must create checklists for every room. It will allow you to get organised and will remind you of the rooms that require additional attention. You can avoid the areas that you have recently cleaned and work on the areas that were not cleaned over the winter. You need to clean one room thoroughly before you move to the next. Start with the larger areas in the room like windows and move towards the smaller details. Take out the furniture from the room so that it is easier for you to clean. You may not be able to move the dining table or the bed but you can remove the chairs, coffee table, chest and bar stools with ease. 

2. Declutter and organise 

The biggest part involved in spring cleaning is to get rid of the clutter. You need to follow a systematic approach to this. You need to start by identifying the problem areas and analyse the causes of the clutter. Once done, look for solutions and stick to them. You can sort your belongings in different categories like trash, store, put away or give away. It will be effective as you start the spring cleaning process. Try to get rid of the clutter at the earliest. Organize the remaining items and put them back in the right places.

3. Ask for help

It is not necessary that you clean the house by yourself. You can get the household involved in the process. Even children can help significantly. All you need to do is assign the right chores based on what they can handle. Make it a fun activity by turning on music and establish a reward as an incentive when the work is completed on time. 

4. Handle the seasonal cleaning activities

A lot of chores should be performed seasonally and you must do them in time to prepare for the warmer weather. Hence, try to include them in your cleaning routine to ensure that they are done on time. Handle the outdoor chores, clean the patio and the grill, and the outsides of the windows as the weather starts to warm up. Additionally, remember to store the winter clothing, decor, bedding and other items in place. You need to pull out the spring essentials to get a fresh look for the home. 

5. Do not buy a lot of cleaning products

When looking for cleaning products for cleaning, you must keep them to a minimum. If you buy a lot of cleaning supplies, it will lead to an unnecessary clutter and there are chances that you will not need them to keep the home clean. Instead, just buy distilled water because that will help clean most of the surfaces in the home. Only buy speciality cleaning supplies for the spring.

6. Build new cleaning routines

Spring cleaning can cover the entire house but it is an ideal opportunity to create an ongoing cleaning routine. They will ensure that the next spring cleaning is easier and quicker. Do not try to complete everything in a single day. Instead, tackle the items one by one for a few minutes every day. It will get you in the habit of cleaning for 15 to 20 minutes daily and you will be done with your tasks in no time. 

Spring cleaning does not have to be a tiring and time-consuming task. If you plan it well, you will be able to handle the entire cleaning without being stressed out. Start early and plan well, do not stress yourself by thinking that you have to handle the entire house at a time. Just look at one room for the start and move onwards. Set aside a few hours every weekend for spring cleaning. Do not spend the entire day or weekend doing chores. You need to remain patient and take it one day at a time. Spring cleaning is a manageable task if you handle it carefully and with patience.