6 Best Infant Milk Formulas For 6-12 Months in India 2022

6 Best Infant Milk Formulas For 6-12 Months in India 2022

You are probably looking for the best infant milk formula for your baby. There are many brands and products in stores, but choosing the suitable infant milk powder takes time and effort. Here are the six best infant milk formulas in India that can be used for six months to 1-year-old babies.

1. Nestles Milk Powder:

Nestles milk powder is a good choice for babies under six months. This formula is made from cow’s milk, which has been proven to be the best source of nutrition for your baby during these early years. The Nestles formula is lactose-free and has no added sugar or salt. It contains high-quality proteins easily digestible by your baby’s body, helping them grow and develop properly.

2. Pediasure Nutrition Powder:

Pediasure nutrition powder is recommended for children under five years old, and it contains iron, calcium and vitamin D, which helps develop muscles, bones, teeth and red blood cells. The infant milk powder can be mixed with water or milk to make a nutritious drink easy to digest. This product is suitable for children with lactose intolerance as it contains no lactose. It still provides all the essential nutrients growing kids require, such as vitamins A and C and iron.

This product comes in a 2.5 kg pack which lasts for around six months when consumed at an average rate of 200 gms per day (1 scoop). The package includes eight scoops so that each lasts for about two weeks before you need another one if your child consumes this amount daily during meal times

3. Similac Gain Plus Milk:

Similac gain plus is a good substitute for breast milk. It has a high protein content, which helps develop the baby’s brain and body. It also contains vitamins and minerals that are important for your child’s growth. The formula has iron to help develop your baby’s immune system and maintain healthy red blood cells. The formula also provides calcium, which builds strong bones and teeth in children who consume it regularly.

4. S-26 Gold Milk Powder:

S-26 Gold Milk Powder is a complete nutrition that provides all the essential nutrients infants require. It is enriched with iron and calcium to improve their health and immunity. It also contains proteins that help in the growth of the body and the development of the brain, bones, muscles, etc.

This formula contains lactose-free milk powder, which is safe for babies with lactose intolerance or allergy to cow’s milk protein (casein). This formula also helps reduce flatulence and acidity caused due to consumption of too much lactose in regular milk formulas.

5. Lactogen Milk Powder for 1 Year Baby:

Lactogen milk powder for one year baby is a good option for babies above one year, and it is the best source of protein and calcium.

6. Enfagrow Milk Powder for Older Babies:

Enfagrow milk powder for older babies is a milk formula designed for babies who are six months and above. It contains added iron, calcium and vitamins to help support brain development. Enfagrow milk powder for older babies has been fortified with additional vitamin D3, which helps absorb nutrients essential for the healthy growth and development of bones.

You Should Consult with a Doctor Before Switching to Infant Milk Formula:

The doctor can help you decide which formula is best for your baby and whether or not you should add vitamins and minerals to the powder.


Comparatively, the best infant milk formula is Nestle because it is affordable, easy to digest and has a high nutritional value. This formula can also be helpful as a supplement for children allergic to cow’s milk.